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Seohyun-ah!! Happy birthday!!
@special1004 천사 막내공주 서현아!!생일 축하한다!!어제 갑자기 파티한다며 초대를~^^깜짝놀랬다 ㅋㅋ 짧은시간이었지만 이런 시간 참오랜만이었다~은혁이는 먼저와서 가구~아무튼 생일축하해!!! [TRANS] @special1004 Angel princess Seohyun-ah!! Happy birthday!! You suddenly invited me to a party yesterday~ ^^ I was surprised ku ku Even though it was short, we haven’t done this in awhile~ Eunhyuk was the first one to come and leave~ Anyways, happy birthday!! (Source: TV Report, @special1004 and Koreaboo) (via: sup3rjunior.com)
happy birthday maknae.....
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happy birthday seobaby♥...maknae in the house..ChangKyu♥
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happy bday
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