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All the songs for the 'You Who Came from the Stars' OST have yet to disappoint, and it looks like its roll will keep going as ballad king Sung Si Kyung is next up to sing for the drama. A rep from the drama stated on February 7 that "Everything About You" sung by Sung Si Kyung will be released on the 12th. What has fans and viewers even more excited is the fact that the singer himself composed the track. He said during his radio show, MBC FM4U's 'FM Music City's Sung Si Kyung', "Do Min Joon is an alien, so I put in alien noises in the song and I even sing the term 'light-year'... The full song will be out next week." Which song from the 'You Who Came from the Stars' OST is your favorite so far?
I think his voice will be perfect for this drama and Sung Si Kyung is definitely the ballad king of K-Entertainment and I agree with @Rabia64 I love the song too!!
you are my destinz lyn *.*