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With his recent success in major K-dramas like Heirs, Gu Family Book, and the currently airing Emergency Couple, the incredibly hot and talented actor Choi Jin Hyuk has become a new fan-favorite. His rise to fame has been so swift that most of us don't really know all that much about him. Well, in celebration of coming his birthday, today is the day the truth about Choi Jin Hyuk will be revealed. 1. It hasn't been that long since the public has been able to drool over him. He was first discovered at a talent competition in 2006. He won the grand prize in the KBS reality talent show Survival Star Audition. (Kim Bum competed with him on the same season too.) 2. His real name is Kim Tae Ho. He didn't change it to Choi Jin Hyuk until 2010, after he already appeared in several dramas. Look how cute and little! 3. He's turning 29 years old in Korean age (28 in American age), his birthday is February 9th, 1986, and he's an Aquarius. Aquarius's are visionary, progressive souls who love to spend time thinking about how things can be better. Aww he's so thoughtful! Also, until just recently, it was believed that he was born in 1985 because when he was a student he claimed that he was a year older in order to avoid being bullied by older classmates. When reporters asked him how he felt to be turning 30, he admitted that he was actually born in 1986 and is only turning 29. You can read about it HERE. 4. He's really tall. All 186 glorious centimeters of him. 5. He had his first major breakthroughs in 2013 as love-torn characters in both Gu Family Book and Heirs. 6. He just got his first leading role this year in Emergency Couple, where hopefully he will get his happy ending. And it's sooo good! 7. He has a beautiful voice and has sung 4 K-drama OSTs so far.