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Everybody has one – a beloved TV series that just couldn’t make it. Here are five of the best TV series that never had a chance. 1. “Jericho” In a post-apocalyptic wasteland located around the fictional town of Jericho, Kansas, the characters of “Jericho” cope with disaster and fight to rebuild their lives. The show was cancelled after a first season with less than favorable ratings, but an enthusiastic group of fans rallied and convinced CBS to run a second, seven-episode season. Much to their dismay, the show went off the air again after that season. 2. “Deadwood” Winning eight Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe, “Deadwood” was clearly a fine piece of television. Sadly, complications surrounding contracts of cast members prevented the show from moving forward. 3. “Rome” This HBO series was a historical drama chronicling Julius Caesar’s conquest of Gaul, “Rome” was gorgeously filmed and had a very high production value. Unfortunately, the show’s high cost caused HBO to drop it from its lineup. 4. “Firefly” This show fell into a genre of its own. Fans describe it as a western space drama, and they are dedicated to the show’s single season. Despite having a large viewership and high ratings, the show was cancelled before the end of its first season. 5. “Freaks and Geeks” With a cast including James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Jason Segel, it’s hard to go wrong with “Freaks and Geeks.” These popular stars nurtured their young careers in this series, and a wide fan base was cultivated during the show’s only season. Fans petitioned NBC to continue the series, but only three extra episodes were aired after the first season.
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@coolestx133 I agree with these! I would have included "Dollhouse" and "Fringe." Fringe actually had a good run - but I still want more years later!
I love Jericho I would have loved to see what happens when the government got back on track
@ameliasantos10 no i have not seen it. BUT it got cut MID-SEASON?! I hate that. What is it about?
@coolestx133 Have you heard of "Lie to me"? I loved that show and then it suddenly got cut mid-season! erghhh... I was so angry at the network cutting the series :l
Jericho ended on such a cliff hanger, what do you think would have happened if it finished?