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5 TV Series Cancelled Too Soon

Everybody has one – a beloved TV series that just couldn’t make it. Here are five of the best TV series that never had a chance. 1. “Jericho” In a post-apocalyptic wasteland located around the fictional town of Jericho, Kansas, the characters of “Jericho” cope with disaster and fight to rebuild their lives. The show was cancelled after a first season with less than favorable ratings, but an enthusiastic group of fans rallied and convinced CBS to run a second, seven-episode season. Much to their dismay, the show went off the air again after that season. 2. “Deadwood” Winning eight Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe, “Deadwood” was clearly a fine piece of television. Sadly, complications surrounding contracts of cast members prevented the show from moving forward. 3. “Rome” This HBO series was a historical drama chronicling Julius Caesar’s conquest of Gaul, “Rome” was gorgeously filmed and had a very high production value. Unfortunately, the show’s high cost caused HBO to drop it from its lineup. 4. “Firefly” This show fell into a genre of its own. Fans describe it as a western space drama, and they are dedicated to the show’s single season. Despite having a large viewership and high ratings, the show was cancelled before the end of its first season. 5. “Freaks and Geeks” With a cast including James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Jason Segel, it’s hard to go wrong with “Freaks and Geeks.” These popular stars nurtured their young careers in this series, and a wide fan base was cultivated during the show’s only season. Fans petitioned NBC to continue the series, but only three extra episodes were aired after the first season.
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@coolestx133 I agree with these! I would have included "Dollhouse" and "Fringe." Fringe actually had a good run - but I still want more years later!
I love Jericho I would have loved to see what happens when the government got back on track
@ameliasantos10 no i have not seen it. BUT it got cut MID-SEASON?! I hate that. What is it about?
@coolestx133 Have you heard of "Lie to me"? I loved that show and then it suddenly got cut mid-season! erghhh... I was so angry at the network cutting the series :l
Jericho ended on such a cliff hanger, what do you think would have happened if it finished?
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This has got to be the CRINGE-IEST wedding in history
So Married At First Sight is this show where complete strangers are matched by experts and they meet for the first time at their WEDDING. Of course this makes for very awkward moments sometimes, and fantastic tv moments a lot of times. Sam and Elizabeth had hands down one of the cringiest weddings ever on the show. Sam is an OK LOOKING tradie who is tired of being 'goodlooking' so he wants a wife. But Sam has conditions on his wife's weight, fingernails, personality and even her hair color. He wants a slim, quiet, brunette girl in natural makeup. Naturally, the experts paired Sam with Elizabeth, a nice outgoing store manager who has NONE of the qualities Sam asked for. Elizabeth is curvy and loud. And blonde! How dare she? It was a match made in cringe-hell. Elizabeth think he's beautiful, hot, and checks all her boxes. She is happy. While Sam thinks this: He is so rude... But poor Elizabeth is head over heels. When asked if they would consummate their marriage on the first night, Elizabeth excitedly said "Of course, it's her wedding afterall" And when Sam was asked his opinion if Elizabeth wanted to try to consummate... So embarrassing...Imagine someone saying they HOPE you don't try to touch them omg. Elizabeth should probably get a career as a psychic because she said this at the alter AND THEN THE VERY NEXT DAY : I honestly felt soooo bad for her, nobody deserves to treated like this on national tv! But I guess thats reality tv for ya, you never know what you will get!