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10. He likes to work out. And these are the results: 11. He's not afraid to be a little goofy. He even guest starred on this episode of Running Man: 12. He's got the smoothest baby face in town. Must.Touch.It. 13. He's the best way to wake up. Wouldn't be able to get any sleep with him around! 14. And he doesn't currently have a girlfriend. Which is what we all really wanted to know! Happy Birthday, Choi Jin Hyuk Oppa! And may you continue to find success. Did you learn anything new?
@divalycious trust me you are not alone with this whole skipping lines hahahah I am always wondering too hahahah
hahahahhaahaha ... @ameliasantos10 ... i never read anything all the way thru n am always wondering why someone who oly post like 4 - 5 lines ... I'm glad i am not alone ... :D
@divalycious ... oops lol now I see the "Part III" this is embarrassing hahahah but omg this man and his baby face :D sooo cute~
@ameliasantos10 i have three different cards with more pics n juicy tidbits ... lmao ... xx
@divalycious I learned that I am in love with him more than I knew hahaha but why are we only able to see the last 5 points about him?
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