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She's an incredible woman with a giant heart--you don't find people like her often
@ameliasantos10 those people exist! Trust, me they are out there. You'd be surprised at how kind most people are. I think we are all just so guarded and afraid of interacting with strangers because we're worried that they might now be good people... that's why it seems like they don't exist. I hope you encounter someone like that soon! I have a feeling you will =)
@cityofkyle The fact that you would even consider doing what she did is amazing. @ameliasantos10 I feel the same way. I lose faith in people everyday but you come across some great stories about selfless people and it gives you hope. You have to stay hopeful or it would be too depressing to live. Don't you think'?
@cityofkyle I agree. It's hare to find people like her.
ugh I cried when I watched this the first time
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