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Finally! Finally, our alien has realized that rejecting love because you’re in love is not love. Or in other words, causing pain to prevent pain is a pain (to the viewers). Or, kissing a woman while time moves is much better than sneaking kisses after stopping time. I watched Episode 14 and while I enjoyed it, found it hard to recap because we already knew everything that happened. I think most of us can agree that the end of Episode 13 was quite rushed so my guess is it was done that way because only one episode would air that week and they wanted to leave it on a cliffhanger. So they rushed through the plot then went back and filled in the holes they’d skipped over. From the epilogue, we learn that despite his ex-wife’s protests, Daddy Cheon had planned on pulling a disappearing act but Min Joon caught him in the elevator where he confessed his feelings and asked him to stay because it’s what his daughter would want. Which explains why he later suggested that perhaps Song Yi wasn’t in a one-sided love. *** I thought Episode 15 was a strong one. Romance, friendship and the mysteries were all touched upon in a satisfying way and I’m looking forward to more. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love how much Song Yi doesn’t shy away from expressing her feelings. I really enjoyed how forthright she was with her father. I’m one of the few people who wouldn’t mind S0ng Yi ending up with Hwi Kyung if our sexlien has to return to his planet. He will obviously do anything for her and if she opens her heart to him, I think they can be happy. Is this a more realistic love or am I just rationalizing a woman settling for someone who doesn’t make her heart flutter? Regardless, I think he might end up with Se Mi – which is fine – but unlike earlier in the series when I thought he’d be getting the better deal out of such a pairing, my feelings have flipped and I’m not sure boring Se Mi should get the thing she wants most. Dramas often get boring when the couple finally gets together so I understand why it’s taken fifteen episodes for Min Joon to openly acknowledge his feelings to Song Yi. I just think that it’s funny that the director had to cheat with dreams and fantasies to show us happy scenes. Anyway, what will happen now that Hwi Kyung knows most things about his brother? And it’s clear that while the mother suspects that something isn’t quite right with her son, his father is his enabler. I hope he blames himself when he learns that his son is a killer (if he isn’t one himself). Now that Min Joon is no longer hiding his feelings, will he also explain why they can only have one month together? And will his passionate kiss send him to the ER? I guess we’ll find out soon. Till then!
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