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@tyta468 unnie its 4 uu @masridaniela @christy @divalycious u 2 chingu must check out this MV oppas confession 2 his fans :) oppa rain says I LOVE YOU <3 <3 2 ALL HIS FANS :) with dis sweet hear touching MV i love it i will admit i am not a fan of oppa and neither do i know much bat him :p sorry but after watching this MV i am completely a fan and I am completely touched Don't worry oppa we r here 4 uu and WE LOVE YOU 2 <3 <3 <3
@nonabisi take a look ...heheheh don't forget to keep your promise don't :-P,,, okay :))))
@christy ...ahmmmmmmm .... kim yeah most perfect f girl ........... @saharhyunjoong thanks unnieeeee
@christy I think they are the perfect couple ahaha both of them are lucky to catch each other!!~ @saharhyunjoong I love them together too!!!~ and for me it's similar I wasn't really a hardcore fan but after seeing this I will be following his moves ahahha
@christy she is pretty and i like them tgthr
Thanks @saharhyunjoong lucky kim tae hee to catch this man
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