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Keyvan Shovir

contemporary spiritual geometric Iranian art
Mixed Media on plywood
The Way permeates both formal science and the fact, all spiritual art comes into being as a result of the #wedding of these two. the science referred to mean not only the process of nature but knowledge of the laws and principles which govern things and which are themselves related to the metaphysical order.
pattern study spraypainted stencil on canvas.
The geometric design in Islamic art is often built on combinations of repeated squares and circles, which may be overlapped and interlaced, as can arabesques (with which they are often combined), to form intricate and complex patterns, including a wide variety of tessellations. These may constitute the entire #decoration, may form a framework for floral or calligraphic embellishments or may retreat into the background around other motifs. The complexity and variety of patterns used evolved from simple stars and lozenges in the ninth century, through a variety of 6- to 13-point patterns by the 13th century, and finally to include also 14- and 16-point stars in the sixteenth century.
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The Best Spiritual Mentorship Program
For different people having various faiths, spirituality can mean very different concepts. However, we commonly agree that spirituality is about connecting with soul. It is a sense of awareness going far above average thinking. Among pathways to spiritual growth are particular worship, meditation, and contemplation. Spiritual Mentor refers to the process of trying to understand the meaning of life, death and the reason for existence. No wonder, it may take years of awareness and practice to reach spirituality. Practicing all the activities that lead to a spiritual path overnight will not automatically bring you to your destination. In fact, every person has his or her own pace to develop spiritually. When a crisis bumps, all of us need an ability to transcend ourselves at least to have ability to hold on to something higher than our crisis itself. People healthily affiliated with a particular religion usually are familiar with this concept although spirituality is actually different from religion. However, those with or without any religions need to develop spiritual mentor training because this is the only way to keep human survival, particularly when facing big crises. If you wish to grow the spiritual element of your personality, you need to look deeply into yourself and start to listen to it more often. As one embraces a disciplined Spiritual Path, he or she will experience several levels of growth. Here is a brief synopsis of those stages and what to expect in each. According to many spiritualists, spirituality normally connotes a progression through 9 steps: The egocentric or the first awakening step This is the first stage of spirituality related with the search to fill the void after the fulfilment of self, basic instincts and desires. As we grow older, typically some needs of pleasure as well as other self-serving habits such as foods, sex, fame, or drugs begin to dwindle and lose their thrill of excitement. They may start to think about the idea of spirituality, by trying to enrich themselves with something above worldly things for themselves. Unfortunately not all are lucky enough to recognize this stage. Worse, they are just get stuck here and thus, they are unable to enter the next level of spirituality development or to produce any of the spiritual mentorship program. The believing or honeymoon step At this second step towards spirituality, people may acknowledge the power that creates them. Unfortunately at this point their minds are still undisciplined, while they know just a too little about divine creativity, which could be quite risky. It is because people may have opened their minds to new ideas, but they don't relate it with the discipline of the mind. As the result, this situation often leads them to the third level, the first disillusionment stage. First disillusionment step This step is when many people who start believing begin to give up at the same time resulting in pessimism. These people doubt whether their thought about spirituality is going to work. Actually what is really happening on is that it is the best time for these people really learn about real spirituality from reliable sources. This stage is like someone who falls in love but suddenly the reality makes his or her feeling starts to sink in. This is why it is important to note that spirituality is not simple and actually requires a lot of discipline. Realization step People are lucky enough to reach this step as they realize that spirituality is not a problem, but they are. However, still there are many pitfalls. Although now people begin to enjoy reading as many spiritual books as the can, attending many spiritual-related seminars, taking spiritual teachers, or even creating contemplation session by their own, still they cannot find many answer in their mind. Only few people can free themselves from this stage to move to the next step. The conformist or agreement step In this step people begin evaluating what spiritual teachers or books say about various spirituality paths. At some points they have to decide to agree or disagree with the ideas. They will agree to some ideas when they feel the points fit into what they think they already know. It is actually fine for them to feel they cannot take some ideas. It is however important to recall their past to see whether it is actually the cause why they cannot accept new paradigm. The push-back step This step is when people realize that they get new information radically. It means the new ideas they get are totally different to what they have experienced and therefore, cannot fit into their current belief system at all. As the outcome, people push back (usually hard) what they have acknowledged about spirituality. Some people may leave their spiritual teachers while the rest try to replace the old teachers with the better ones, who will not challenge them too much. The early enlightenment step For all of those who push back, a genuine spiritual mentor or guide can lead them to experience their first real breakthrough. The spirituality seekers can get a glimpse of what is going on behind the veil for real, and reach some rudimentary skills in altering his or her universe in a much real way. This is glorious but full of risks as at this early enlightenment step many people may leave their teachers or guides as they believe they have found what they are looking for. This could be a big mistake leading to major disappointment. It is important that people realize there are things they still need guidance to give them ability to do the next step of their journey The wall or mountain step Those adhering their spiritual paths may eventually face their wall or mountain between their will and the spirituality goal. The wall or mountain here refers to a central issue, crises or challenge of one's life. Only if someone is truly willing to grow and blossom, then he or she is not going to resist to get along with such issues as gift or grace, as hurt as it may look and as hard as it may seem. Crossing this wall or mountain is critical but difficult. Such bravery is what makes only a few people who reach this step can get over their life's main problem. The paradigm shift step After people can get over the wall or mountain, they will come to see all in an entire different light by entering the paradigm shift step. This stage is where actually they will have started to gain true skills in making the universe they wish to live in. They will start to realize that they are here and existed for a reason. They likely can see how whole past phases they have undergone for their spirituality quest as being unimportant allowing them to embrace the fullness of their humanity. This paradigm shift step is where people can realize that spirituality is not just for them or their family, but for something bigger than that, and they have a task and destiny. By succeeding this step people will be able to reach the end point of their spirituality journey, which is also the goal of the spiritual quest. It is when people become fully integrated persons having a new understanding to welcome a whole new Universe. It is when at a very deep level people can have true joy regardless their situation. Above all, spiritual growth is likely more than just believe as it is really talking about something deeper, our faith. It is faith that can help people in times of troubles. It is an anchor when times of fear, stress and uncertainty come into their life. Without faith, people will never have a place to turn when things in their life get rough or stuck. Stalis Norma Ethica is an experienced article writer and a writer manager with science background. She specializes in writing informative articles in various niches.
American Female Artist: Katherine Bradford
American Female Artist: Katherine Bradford When requested to depict her work in three words, American artist Katherine Bradford picked “sparkly peopled landscapes.” Taken at face esteem, this portrayal is exact. Bradford, however, thought to be an installation of both the New York and Maine craftsmanship scenes, isn't firmly lined up with any contemporary or verifiable workmanship development. Her status as a close outcast craftsman has permitted her to investigate a composition style dependent on feeling and memory than procedure. It presently fills in as scenery for conversations of social issues and individual encounters. Not at all like numerous creative, had Bradford never drawn in with craftsmanship during adolescence. Her mom debilitates it, connecting inventiveness to a way of life of liquor abuse and illicit drug use. Bradford spent her initial grown-up years following a more ordinary life way, thus, settling down with a spouse and two youngsters. She arrived at a limit in her 30s, notwithstanding, acknowledging during an essential lunch that she required both individual and expert change. "I would not like to be there for one more lunch. In this way, when individuals descended the carport to our home, I leaped out a window and hurried to my studio," she disclosed to Jennifer Samet of Hyperallergic in 2016. Katherine Bradford paintings for sale are available online. Following this second, Bradford started seeking after workmanship all the more genuinely. Having never gone to workmanship school or gotten formal preparation, her style developed naturally. Bradford's works started investigating predictable subjects, including swimmers, systems, and superheroes. She consistently utilizes delicate, dream-like tones and straightforward structures to investigate further thoughts regarding memory, experience, connections, and sexuality. "Bradford's figures are largely conventionally human yet solitary in their execution, as though they freaked out of the brush and arrived unpredictably… And covered up in her arrogant brushwork are astute and centered choices," composed Michael Frank Blair after the craftsman's display at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas. By the mid-2010s, Katherine Bradford artist had set up herself in the realm of contemporary workmanship. Seas, night skies, and approaching boats showed up in her work. Every one of the canvases introduced in the forthcoming closeout addresses these setup subjects. Sail Boat, a 2011 oil on the material piece, only proposes the state of its nominal subject. Drifting over a dull and indistinct structure is the sail, set marginally askew and hued in murky shades of rose and violet. Some time ago in a private Connecticut assortment, this work is offered with a presale gauge of USD 6,000 to $8,000. Another accessible piece, named Giant Stacks, pictures the overwhelming red smokestacks of a boat ($2,500 – $3,500). The foundations of this and comparative works have been compared to shading field painting, for certain segments getting back to back to Rothko. The most established Bradford painting in this sale is from 1995, an untitled turquoise and earthy colored piece that summons the natural eye ($800 – $1,200). Market revenue for Bradford's artistic creations has as of late got. By 2017, they started selling over their high gauges as opposed to passing unsold. One early green and dark gouache on paper painting came to $4,063 with Rago, surpassing its high gauge of $700 almost sixfold. During a new Phillips sell-off, held toward the beginning of March of 2020, her Couple on Purple acrylic painting sold for $12,500 after a gauge of $2,000 to $3,000. This pattern runs corresponding to a checked change in the nature and topic of Bradford's specialty. Her works have since quite a while ago filled in as "a mental placeholder, a holder for a felt or state of mind." Recent artistic creations presently overlay this with political analysis, unpretentiously investigating sex jobs, race, and passing. One of these 2019 pieces accomplished HKD 200,000 (USD 25,800) after 14 offers at Sotheby's Hong Kong this past May. Bradford's compositions are held in the lasting assortments of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the Portland Museum of Art, and others. She keeps on canvas, shows, and gives her work to different craftsman help assets and social causes. Biddings of such paintings are carried out on auctiondaily, for prior information visit the auction Calendar of auctiondaily. Media Source: AuctionDaily
Apple has confirmed the launch of four iPhones |Haqeeqat ki Dunya
Apple has now given everyone a big surprise But iPhone 13 leaks have exposed some massive new upgrades. the company has confirmed its new iPhones just days before they launch.  Apple ended the game in a new FCC filing for its MegaSafe charger. Apple has listed four new iPhone models in this filing, and even all models of the iPhone 12 have been described as “hereditary” devices. The filing suggests that another version of the MegSafe charger is coming – but the big advantage is the test devices. With the A2176 (iPhone 12 Mini), A2172 (iPhone 12), A2341 (iPhone 12 Pro) and A2342 (iPhone 12 Pro Max), all Apple has classified it as a “legacy phone”. Everyone’s attention is focused on the four “new iPhones”. Apple says it has also completed tests of new iPhones. Their models include the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Mini (despite the relatively low sales of their predecessors) and are expected to have model numbers A2628, A2634, The A2640 and A2645 will carry. However, Apple is expected to offer some major upgrades, including improved cameras, improved battery life, faster charging, Next-Gen Wi-Fi and smaller markings. For iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max buyers, they will also get a 5G, 120Hz Pro Motion display and double the storage. The most anticipated upgrade, however, was scrapped. That said, don’t expect this to reduce demand. Apple CFO Luca Maestri has already warned of supply constraints that “will primarily impact iPhone and iPad” this quarter and there are also claims of last minute price hikes. So, with the new iPhone launch just days away, Apple fans will need to act fast or face the consequences.
If you want to be healthy and wealthy at the same time, you must have a spiritual coach in your life :
Do I need a spiritual coach? Presently this is an inquiry I hear, similar to A LOT as a spiritual coach myself. All the yeses, at the moment, that I hear the words shaping. I profoundly believe that the vast majority would profit by having a spiritual coach in their lives at some point. Before you can decide whether having spiritual coaching is the correct advance for you, first, how about we cover what precisely a spiritual coach is. What makes these coaches extraordinary, like holistic mentors, business coaches, relationship coaches, and possibly sports group coaches? What is a spiritual coach? A spiritual coach is somebody who encourages you to interface with who you are. They work with you to change/divert/explore your life, reveal your longings, make strides towards your objectives, accomplish your fantasies, bust restricting convictions, and eliminate detours. A spiritual coach utilizes a more profound, more comprehensive methodology. They work with you on the working framework underneath your awareness. I'm sure you've seen the human mind depicted as the ice shelf skimming in the water, a little part of us appearing to the world, and an extraordinary large segment of us under the water covering up underneath the surface. A spiritual coach encourages you to dive deep into the piece of your ice shelf that is beneath the waterline. When you can comprehend, work with, change, and use this bit of your working framework, you can transform yourself. A spiritual coach will work with main drivers as opposed to treating side effects. Would you like to make it deliberately? Would you like to possess your capacity? Do you want development, progress, bounty, love, and profound fulfillment from your life? The product cultivated with a spiritual coach incorporates association with the heavenly, working with the universe, assuming responsibility for your joy, venturing into your capacity, moving your psyche, and a whole lot more. What can a spiritual coach help you with? Your default settings and subliminal contemplations Like your telephone, we as a whole have default settings. On the off chance that you change how something shows up in one piece of your telephone yet don't change the general location, it won't persist or roll out a foundational improvement. If you change one activity and one idea, however, you don't work with the fundamental boundaries or subliminal programming for why you have the barrier or issue; in any case, you are treating a manifestation rather than disposing of the main driver. The more significant part of our programming is actualized between the ages of 0-7. We are uninformed of this programming cycle, exactly how much data our psyche mind tracks, documents, and uses consistently. Conclusion- How we see things change definitely, second by second. Working with a a spiritual coach will help you surveying and re-program your molding, so you are utilizing your oblivious speculation for your potential benefit. It will likewise help you stay away from your conscious brain saying/craving a specific something and working in complete resistance to your psyche mind. On the off prospect that you want to realize how your psyche functions and move your programming to your advantage, a spiritual coach is appropriate.
Things Only San Francisco Giants Fans Understand!
Well, now that the Super Bowl is over, let's get excited for baseball season! As I've told many people, baseball is my favorite sport. It is indeed the love of my life and I can outright say that although I'm sad football season is over, I am so excited that baseball season will be starting very soon. And even though we haven't played a single game, my friends and I are already talking about who we think is going to win the 2016 World Series. My answer? The San Francisco Giants. So to honor all the Giants fans out there, (this one's for you @ChristopherKenn), here is a card dedicated to fans that speak Giants as their second language. 1. Even Year Enough said right? Just in case you don't know what this means for Giants fans, the Giants are good on even years. I mean really good (well I guess since 2010). Anyways, they are so good that the Giants have won the World Series in 2010, 2012, and 2014. Now you know why Giants fans are excited that it's an even year - 2016. 2. Wearing Orange and Black in October! Why are Giants fans rocking orange and black in October? Well I can say one thing for sure. It has nothing to do with Halloween or autumn. They are just showing their favorite team their full support! 3. Work? No Victory Parade! I mean fans could get tired of going to a victory parade if they win a World Series ring every two years...but not the Giants fans. Your boss would definitely understand if you took a day off to attend the victory parade. Employers should be prepared this year since it's an even year. 4. Hunter Pence's Stolen Scooter Giants fans know Hunter Pence loves his scooter. He loves it so much that he doesn't go to work by taking his car like all the other players. Instead, he pulls out his scooter and rides it to work. So when his scooter was stolen and he asked for help on Twitter, every Giants fan went on searching for Pence's scooter. And eventually...a fan found it! It was a collective effort by the entire Giants fan base. 5. Beat L.A. There is nothing you hate more than the Dodgers if you are a Giants fan. So, you don't care if the Dodgers are playing a different team. A Dodgers' loss is as good as a Giants' win. And if the Giants are playing the Dodgers? They better win, because those games against the Dodgers are the most important games of the season. BEAT LA! Any Giants fans out there? You guys think the Giants will win this year's World Series?
Witches Fall From The Sky Not Because of Prayers But This Reason
We have heard a lot about witches and wizards falling from the sky like asteroids. The media has covered many such incidents. It happens in real life. But there are few secrets we don't know about yet. This world is full of mysteries. There are a lot of forces moving around us, but we can't see them. In this post, I want to make it known to you why witches fall from the sky without crediting it to your prayers. Oh no, it is not because of your prayers. I know this will not augur well for the prayer warriors. Your prayers at the midnight have a different dimension, but not to bring down a flying witch or wizard. I don't dispute the fact that prayers can bring down the stronghold of the Devil. Open your eyes well; witches could be found in churches praying, reading Bible, and praising God. How do they make it possible?... Don't be afraid for the Bible says no weapon forged against you will prosper in Isaiah 54:17. Understanding The Nature Of Witches In the spiritual realm of authority, witches are the less powerful creatures. They also happen to be the most notorious and troublesome people. A witch goes to her camp using her animality but not her true human nature. Possessing a 'witch spirit' is a willful choice. They love it because they can fly, kill, perform dirty wonders, etc. They keep their movement secret(They are in a real secret society) from us by pretending they love us. Hmmm... Why Witches Fall From The Sky Traffic In The Sky Now let me tell you about the two major reasons why witches sometimes fall from the sky. You will agree with me that; events like this rarely happen, But prayer warriors and other Christians pray every day and night. However, a prayer contains the power of God and that can strike down any evil spirit. That prayer doesn't bring down a witch who is enjoying her flight to her camp or a flight back home. This is about spiritual enlightenment. During the night; evil forces rise to operate in many different ways. There is a hierarchy in the spiritual realm and most of them become active during the night. Oh yes, I am talking about the rulers of darkness as the Bible said in Ephesians 6:12. There are particular hours witches and other spirits operate. That is from 12:30 am/1:30 am. I tell you the truth; they are time conscious. They never want to be late when going or coming. But sometimes the most unfortunate happens. Imagine this: A witch flew from her house to her witch camp. On her way, she meets a mermaid(Mami Wata)... Oh oh, that wouldn't be a pleasant moment for the witch for intercepting her master. The mermaid may choose to derail the witch or overlook at her interruption(offense). Now, the most relevant question is why "Mami Wata" at that hour?. Within those hours, occult pastors and other cultists who deal directly with powers in the Marine Kingdom are also busy chanting. They chant to communicate with those Marine spirits. The spirit may appear in the cultist's room. She will use the same path that witches and wizards use... Traffic, traffic. The wrong time on the side of the witch might be a disaster. The Mami Wata can decide to wallop the witch for intercepting her on the way. When this happens, she would be found on the ground during daybreak. Anger From The gods Witches and wizards could contracts lesser gods in our various communities to cause harm to their target. However, when a god becomes annoyed by the evil deeds of a witch; what do you think will happen?. Oh uh, the witch passed by to kill innocent souls. On her way back; the god can wallop her. This will make the witch drop to the ground like plugged coconut. Some of these gods hate seeing witches and wizards cause great harm in their communities. They probably receive libation, eats "3to" and eggs, feed on the blood of sacrificed goats, fowls, sheep, etc. And upon all these services and it keeps quiet; the inhabitants will blame and discredit its importance in the society. Some of these gods hate false accusations so they have to do justice to themselves. The next morning Mr. Wizard or Mrs. witch would be found on the ground. Be ready to read more inspirational messages and Bible verses to increase your faith and bring you genuine happiness, protection and peace of mind. Thank you for reading. If you are a Christian believer, you don't have to be afraid of these little rascals. God is bigger and all-powerful. But your prayer isn't to bring them down like this.