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Best skilled trades 2019

Skilled trades are the occupations that requires a special skill, knowledge or ability which can be attained from a college, through specialized training centers or technical skills. Skilled trades can be distinguished into many areas such as manufacturing, technology, energy and health care.

In the past couple of centuries 90% of jobs have already been taken over by automation but this also requires human intervention, many people prefer skilled trade jobs as skilled trades cannot be automated to any degree.

Below here is the list of some best skilled trades 2019.

Electricians: they are the workers who are always in demand as their job of repairing electric lines or setting a wire line cannot be automated it requires skilled electricians. It is the best skilled trades of 2019 an electrician designs, installs, maintains and repairs wiring lines, they look after electric control systems in homes, commercial buildings, and industrial installations. Electricians are highly skilled and are always in demand in a wide variety of industries. Becoming an electrician requires four to five years of apprenticeship and school training leading to certification.

HVAC Technicians: HVAC means heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. They install, maintain and repair residential and
Commercial HVAC, it’s best suited for those who wish to be self-employed in the coming years there will be heavy demand for HVAC technicians which will provide heavy cash flow.

Masons: they never lack in employment especially those are artistic masons they can create artistically designed masonry structures, their skill is high in demand but their job involves lifting up of heavy materials. Masonry is best skilled trade and good for those who look for self-employments.

Welders: they are the most skilled workers and are required to perform variety of actions like cutting and joining metal parts as welding is used in many different industries including constructions, auto body repair, forestry, oil and gas, metal fabrication and ship building. Welding is considered as the average job but the welders are always in demand they travel willingly and work in remote locations, difficult locations and always ready to work in difficult situations, they earn average income for their job. A welder normally requires technical training along with apprenticeship leading to certification, different industries needs different types of welding. In the beginning the welder begins as mobile welder and eventually sets up business in a shop as per the expansion.