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@ Itaewon (Part 1 of 2) While walking through a very crowded Itaewon this weekend, I ran into a group of high school culinary students who were trying to get foreigners to taste-test traditional Korean food (tteokguk, rice cake soup). For some reason or another, all of them were paralyzed and couldn't muster enough courage to talk to any of the foreigners passing them by. And since I'm in the business of meeting random strangers, I had no choice but to help out with their project. Fortunately, the students caught on quickly and saw how easy it was to approach foreigners. Although their project was a success in terms of getting people to sample all their food, I think they learned other life lessons. First, they learned that the term foreigners do not equate to only "white" people. Second, they learned about halal food that is so important to Muslims. Lastly, they learned there is no be embarrassed when talking to strangers. Coincidentally, this was not the first time lending a hand with a school project in Itaewon. There is nothing better than food and philanthropy.