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near Samgakji Station (Line #6) "How long have you worked at this fish restaurant?" "Oh, it's been so long I can't even remember. Why do you keep taking my picture? This is your second time here and you took picture last time, remember?" "But just like last time, there was no space to eat inside so I had to come and keep you company outside. Do you remember?" "Oh, that's right. Let me pose for you then." #coolhalmoni
I wonder what kind of fish?
@curtis she's making fish! A well cooked fish and a hot bowl of rice will probably makes a perfect day in the cold winter~
What is she grilling? Outdoor fish, probably so good
she sounds adorable ~ and if she had been working there for so long that she couldn't remember then I am guessing the fish here must taste amazing~ @humanofseoul I love all your photos it definitely capture the lifestyles of the people here in Korea :D