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Humans of Seoul
near Guro District Office "What was the worst moment of your life?" "It's funny you ask, it just happened two weeks ago. My boyfriend dumped me all of a sudden. He said he was tired of me." "I'm sorry to hear that. What are you going to do next?" "I think things happen for a reason. I am going to do some traveling in May and then study abroad in the States. I am going to meet someone better and get my revenge."
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i do have a website and facebook page for you to view. or if you're interested in korean food, i also fun a korean foodies page on facebook as well. ^^
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where are you studying? how do you like seoul?
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I will definitely check it out! seems so interesting (:
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I am studying at Yonsei University! It's awesome.. the people & of course, the food :PPP
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that's great. if you're interested in delicious foods in seoul. i have a meetup group called seriously good eats. pls join if interested. here's the link: ^^
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