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Keyvan Shovir NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring |

I am so excited and proud to be selected artists @nyfacurrent for Immigrant Artists Mentoring Program in Oakland!
NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Oakland is back with a new cohort of mentees and mentors! This year’s participants represent countries including Ethiopia, Taiwan, Brazil, Nigeria, The Philippines, and Iran. We’re pleased to present the program in collaboration with @sfedf, @oaklandasiancc, @oaklibrary, @aggregatespacegallery, & Bisemi Foundation Inc. through the support of @fordfoundation. Details at

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Sufi Art
I spent around two months in Britain around summer 2010. In a typical rainy day in London, I got an invitation from a British artist to draw a mural work on one of their sites. I’m not an expert in London locations; however, I joint them somewhere around the Oval station in South London. I worked on this mural project for a day. During that day I was with one of the best Iranian photographers Mohsen Shahmardi who was responsible for video recording and photo shooting. This is Persian calligraphy on “Love” or “عشق” inspired by Iranian poet Rumi. Rumi is a Sufi scholar, writer, and poet, and he is one of the most famous masters in the history of Islam. Not only that his poetries are wide acclaimed, but his teachings are also very much inspiring and far-reaching. He teaches unconditional acceptance, tolerance, patience, love, compassion, and benevolence. His famous ‘Seven Pieces of Advice’ has passed down all the years and is still very much revered in the present time. The Seven Pieces of Advice epitomizes the highest sentiment of humanity, transcends religious boundaries, and encompasses the universal values of all religions: In generosity and helping others: be like the river In compassion and grace: be like the sun. In concealing others’ faults: be like the night. In anger and fury: be like the dead. In modesty and humility: be like the soil. Intolerance: be like the ocean. Either you appear as you are, or: be as you look. Sufi Dancer -Mixed media on canvas -40X40 inches see more works on my website #keyvanheydarishovir #keyvan Shovir #keyvan Heydari Shovir #Ck1 keyvan shovir
Abell Auction Company
Abell is an original & premier auction house since 1916. The sales draw in a worldwide crowd of live and online purchasers which permits to accomplish the most extreme incentive for every property. There are many auctions that were held by Abell auction. Let us go through a few of them. Abell Jewelry Auction The French Constitution of 1848 ushered in a new standard of luxury in France. Louis-François Cartier experimented with different materials under the new government, as many jewelers did. Platinum became the stepping-stone for Cartier to experiment with form, mechanisms, and attitude. Platinum was first used in jewelry making by Cartier. This bracelet has a central cushion-shaped aquamarine surrounded by diamonds and onyx. A gold wing nude statue by Carrera y Carrera is also on display. Carrera y Carrera was formed in the 1970s when Manuel Carrera incorporated his family business. As a sculptor, he developed the brand's signature matte gold female figures. Yet there are more such items that were auctioned at Abells auction. Items from the Estate of Penny Marshall A collection of one-of-a-kind items from the estate of Penny Marshall PDT. The online-only auction features an impressive selection of rare American lighting and personal items from the late actress, director, and producer's celebrated Los Angeles estate. For decades, Marshall collected art, memorabilia, and collectibles that reflected her interests, tastes, and lifestyle. Marsha Reiner's daughter Tracy Reiner said the family respected her mother's wishes to entrust many of her belongings to museums, universities, sports organizations, and loved ones. Reiner said that this auction is very important to her family as it features some of her most beautiful, fun, and interesting items, including an extensive collection of American folk art and lamps." "My mother was often drawn to people and things that went unnoticed." It was important to her that others remember each artist's work and era, so she championed each collection into some form of recognition. In my mom's collections, and in those of her friend Carrie Fisher, we revered the unseen artists." Fine art and antique auction Current and contemporary prints and products incorporate works marked Richard Diebenkorn; Jim Dine; Sam Francis; Pedro Friedeberg; Robert Graham; David Hockney; Jasper Johns; Willem de Kooning; Roy Lichtenstein: Henri Matisse; Joan Miro; Robert Motherwell; Pablo Picasso; Edward Ruscha; and other prestigious craftsmen. Fine gems incorporate a 23.73-carat Colombian emerald ring by Graff; a couple of Cartier Panthere precious stone and sapphire studs; rings by Marina B.; Chanel fine hoops; pair of Bulgari rock gem and jewel ear pendants; a gathering of 10 free 3.0+ carat precious stones; a 5.72 round splendid precious stone ring; a 7.60 pear splendid jewel ring; Mayan jade accessory; and significantly more. Collectible and current furniture incorporates a great lapis lazuli, hardstone inset, and plated bronze French Empire table; Lalique desert flora table; Mario Papperzini for Salterini porch set; Mexican Colonial cut wood library table; pair of Chinese hardwood and marble inset moon-seeing seats; Chinese hardwood work area; 12-piece George III trimmed feasting set; Louis XV style control center and chests; New York Gothic recovery tall case clock; and substantially more. Media Source: AuctionDaily
행위예술가 울라이, 향년 76세로 타계
마리나 아브라모비치의 옛 연인이었던 많은 이들에게 귀감이 되었던 행위예술가 울라이(Ulay)가 향년 76세 나이로 타계했다. 독일 출신의 그는 원래 폴라로이드 사진작가로, 마리나 아브라모비치(Marina Abramovic)를 만나 함께 행위예술의 역사를 썼다고 해도 과언이 아니다. 반은 남자, 반은 여자로 하고 다니는 울라이의 모습에 반한 마리나. 둘의 인터뷰에 따르면, 첫 9년은 살면서 가장 행복한 시간이었고 마지막 3년은 좋지 않았다고 한다. 그리고 이별하는 순간을 작품으로 승화시킨 ‘The Lovers(1988)’. 만리장성 반대편에서 2500km를 걸어가 한가운데서 작별하기 위해 만나는 둘은 90일 동안 홀로 먼 길을 걸은 뒤 마지막 포옹을 하고 헤어지게 된다. 이후 2010년 뉴욕현대미술관(New York 's Museum of Modern Art) 회고전 <The Artist is Present>에서 해후한 마리나와 울라이. 22년만에 다시 만난 이들은 침묵 속 오가는 눈빛 만으로 가슴을 저미게 만드는 장면이 연출됐다. 즐거움과 슬픔, 고통 등 모든 순간을 기교없이 표현하고, 사랑하는 연인과 함께 진정한 스토리가 담긴 예술의 참 모습을 보여주었던 울라이. 마리나 아브라모치니는 뛰어난 예술가로서 그의 유산은 영원히 기억될 것이라 말하며 그의 죽음에 깊은 애도를 표했다. 더 자세한 내용은 <아이즈매거진> 링크에서
Keyvan Heydari Shovir Mural Work Featured in Girlboss Netflix Series
This project is in memory of three female Iranian literary figures, poet Forough Farrokhzad, poet Simin Behbahani, and author Simin Daneshvar. by SHAGHAYEGH CYROUS and Keyvan Shovir “In Memory of, “is a mural that has been painted in 2015, in memory of three contemporary female Iranian literary figures, activists and poet Forough Farrokhzad, poet Simin Behbahani, and author Simin Daneshvar. They became the inspiration, and influential women figure who changed women's expectations and roles in society. you can see the series here Last summer, CAMP was contacted by Netflix about shooting a scene in Clarion Alley for a new series called Girlboss that would be released in 2017. CAMP had worked with Netflix in 2014 for the Wachowski sister’s project, Sense8. CAMP had agreed to allow the Sense8 series to film on the alley because the scene featured two of the lead characters on the show who are lesbian, one being a transgender woman. As a strong supporter of trans rights, CAMP believed a series written and executive produced by Lilly and Lana Wachowski (with J. Michael Straczynski) was an excellent opportunity to bring this support to the mainstream. When Sense8 was released in June 2015, members of CAMP watched with pride as our project was included in episode 2 of a narrative that is smart, intriguing, and thoughtful with complex characters that audiences can empathize with and support. Sadly, that was not the experience that other members of CAMP and I had when we viewed the release of Girlboss on April 21stof this year. The series was pitched to CAMP as a show about the empowerment of women, created and produced by women, including executive producer Charlize Theron. Granted, the first indicator that something was amiss in that summary was the very title “Girlboss.” However, based on CAMP’s previous experience with Netflix and CAMP’s straightforward communication with the representatives of Netflix as to what types of programming the project supports and what it doesn’t, CAMP trusted that the result would be similar to the Sense8 experience. NOT. At all. Keyvan Shovir - کیوان شویر
American Female Artist: Katherine Bradford
American Female Artist: Katherine Bradford When requested to depict her work in three words, American artist Katherine Bradford picked “sparkly peopled landscapes.” Taken at face esteem, this portrayal is exact. Bradford, however, thought to be an installation of both the New York and Maine craftsmanship scenes, isn't firmly lined up with any contemporary or verifiable workmanship development. Her status as a close outcast craftsman has permitted her to investigate a composition style dependent on feeling and memory than procedure. It presently fills in as scenery for conversations of social issues and individual encounters. Not at all like numerous creative, had Bradford never drawn in with craftsmanship during adolescence. Her mom debilitates it, connecting inventiveness to a way of life of liquor abuse and illicit drug use. Bradford spent her initial grown-up years following a more ordinary life way, thus, settling down with a spouse and two youngsters. She arrived at a limit in her 30s, notwithstanding, acknowledging during an essential lunch that she required both individual and expert change. "I would not like to be there for one more lunch. In this way, when individuals descended the carport to our home, I leaped out a window and hurried to my studio," she disclosed to Jennifer Samet of Hyperallergic in 2016. Katherine Bradford paintings for sale are available online. Following this second, Bradford started seeking after workmanship all the more genuinely. Having never gone to workmanship school or gotten formal preparation, her style developed naturally. Bradford's works started investigating predictable subjects, including swimmers, systems, and superheroes. She consistently utilizes delicate, dream-like tones and straightforward structures to investigate further thoughts regarding memory, experience, connections, and sexuality. "Bradford's figures are largely conventionally human yet solitary in their execution, as though they freaked out of the brush and arrived unpredictably… And covered up in her arrogant brushwork are astute and centered choices," composed Michael Frank Blair after the craftsman's display at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas. By the mid-2010s, Katherine Bradford artist had set up herself in the realm of contemporary workmanship. Seas, night skies, and approaching boats showed up in her work. Every one of the canvases introduced in the forthcoming closeout addresses these setup subjects. Sail Boat, a 2011 oil on the material piece, only proposes the state of its nominal subject. Drifting over a dull and indistinct structure is the sail, set marginally askew and hued in murky shades of rose and violet. Some time ago in a private Connecticut assortment, this work is offered with a presale gauge of USD 6,000 to $8,000. Another accessible piece, named Giant Stacks, pictures the overwhelming red smokestacks of a boat ($2,500 – $3,500). The foundations of this and comparative works have been compared to shading field painting, for certain segments getting back to back to Rothko. The most established Bradford painting in this sale is from 1995, an untitled turquoise and earthy colored piece that summons the natural eye ($800 – $1,200). Market revenue for Bradford's artistic creations has as of late got. By 2017, they started selling over their high gauges as opposed to passing unsold. One early green and dark gouache on paper painting came to $4,063 with Rago, surpassing its high gauge of $700 almost sixfold. During a new Phillips sell-off, held toward the beginning of March of 2020, her Couple on Purple acrylic painting sold for $12,500 after a gauge of $2,000 to $3,000. This pattern runs corresponding to a checked change in the nature and topic of Bradford's specialty. Her works have since quite a while ago filled in as "a mental placeholder, a holder for a felt or state of mind." Recent artistic creations presently overlay this with political analysis, unpretentiously investigating sex jobs, race, and passing. One of these 2019 pieces accomplished HKD 200,000 (USD 25,800) after 14 offers at Sotheby's Hong Kong this past May. Bradford's compositions are held in the lasting assortments of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the Portland Museum of Art, and others. She keeps on canvas, shows, and gives her work to different craftsman help assets and social causes. Biddings of such paintings are carried out on auctiondaily, for prior information visit the auction Calendar of auctiondaily. Media Source: AuctionDaily
نصاب ماهواره در تهران
به نصاب ماهواره در تهران ساکنان شهری ، ما اغلب از نقش فناوری ماهواره در ارائه پیوندهای ارتباطی مهم در مناطق دور افتاده که شبکه های زمینی در دسترس نیستند یا دور از دسترس هستند ، غافل می شویم. علیرغم استقرار شبکه های زمینی در بسیاری از نقاط جهان ، بسیاری از مناطق وجود دارد که به صورت آفلاین باقی می مانند و به اتصال ماهواره ای متکی هستند. از نظر فیزیکی امکان اتصال نصاب ماهواره در تهران کاربران به دریا یا هوا وجود ندارد ، مگر از طریق ماهواره یا هیچ مورد تجاری که هزینه استقرار فیبر را در مناطق دور افتاده و پراکنده توجیه کند ، وجود ندارد. به این ترتیب ، فناوری ماهواره ای نقش مهمی در فعال سازی برنامه های کاربردی جدید و فرآیندهای تجاری ایفا می کند که اینترنت اشیا را به واقعیت تبدیل می کند. در اینجا 10 مزیت اصلی ارتباطات ماهواره ای برای حرکت آورده شده است: 1. اتصال دارایی های از راه دور عملیات تجاری که به مناطق جغرافیایی دور افتاده گسترش می یابد ، با تکیه بر ماهواره ها ، ابزارهای مهم ارتباطی را برای نظارت از راه دور تاسیسات و مدیریت دارایی در زمان واقعی در سایت های بدون سرنشین و سکوهای فراساحلی فراهم می کند. 2. از شبکه حسگر استفاده کنید نصاب ماهواره در تهران شرکت های قدرت و معدن از شبکه های حسگر ماهواره ای برای حمایت از پروژه های اکتشافی دریایی خود استفاده گسترده تری می کنند. 3. تغییرات در ساختار حمل و نقل اتصال پهن باند در قطارها ، وسایل نقلیه باری و حمل و نقل یک روند رو به رشد در چشم انداز حمل و نقل جهانی است و ارتباطات ماهواره ای نقش مهمی در فعال سازی خدمات تحرک نوآورانه ایفا می کند. 4. توسعه شهرهای پایدار مدیران شهرها در سراسر جهان از قدرت اینترنت اشیا برای اندازه گیری بهره وری انرژی و تخصیص منابع هوشمند برای پایدارتر ساختن شهرها استفاده می کنند. به عنوان مثال ، ماهواره کلیدی است که به شبکه های هوشمند اجازه می دهد تا در مناطق دور افتاده که شبکه های زمینی کوتاه هستند ، گسترش یابد. 5. بانکداری همراه و تسهیلات خرده فروشی این ماهواره می تواند به عنوان نصاب ماهواره در تهران ستون فقرات ارتباطی برای خودپردازهای بی سیم و برنامه های فروش موبایل برای ناوبری آسان در فضای وسیع جغرافیایی عمل کند. مهندس ارتباطات ماهواره ای در دکل نفتی منبع: ثریا علیرغم استقرار شبکه های زمینی در بسیاری از نقاط جهان ، بسیاری از مناطق وجود دارد که به صورت آفلاین باقی می مانند و به اتصال ماهواره ای متکی هستند. 7. قابلیت اطمینان در عصر افزایش ترافیک ارتباطی نصاب ماهواره در تهران، حفظ سطح بالای قابلیت اطمینان خدمات همیشه یک الزام کلیدی برای اجرای م Iثر IoT است. ارائه دهندگان مجتمع اپراتور باید با یک شبکه قابل اعتماد از ارائه دهندگان ماهواره که به برنامه هایی مانند نظارت بر دارایی از راه دور که اتصال قابل اطمینان و همیشه را تضمین می کند ، خدمت کنند. 6. پوشش جهانی نسل جدیدی از برنامه های مبتکرانه اینترنت اشیا از قابلیت اتصال دستگاه های هوشمند بیرون می آید. مقیاس بالقوه اینترنت اشیاء تحت پوشش میلیاردها دستگاه در سراسر جهان ، مستلزم پوشش شبکه ای همه جانبه بین اپراتورهای ماهواره ای و خدمات اپراتورهای یکپارچه است ، حتی در مکان های دور. 8. سرعت خرید میوه خشک این است چشم انداز آینده اینترنت اشیا شامل تبادل داده ها بین اشیاء به هم پیوسته برای تصمیم گیری سریع و بهبود فرایندهای تجاری است. بنابراین ، ظهور اینترنت اشیا نصاب ماهواره در تهران تقاضا برای باند پهن با سرعت بالا را برای پشتیبانی از برنامه های زمان واقعی با پهنای باند زیاد افزایش داده است. کاربران باید بر روی تجهیزات ماهواره ای تلفن همراه سرمایه گذاری کنند که برای سهولت سرعت بالا در پهنای باند تلفن همراه طراحی شده است. 9. هزینه ها شبکه های زمینی می توانند هزینه استقرار در برخی مناطق دورافتاده را افزایش دهند و خدمات ماهواره ای تلفن همراه همچنان به عنوان یک فناوری ارتباطی قابل دسترسی در سایر سیستم عامل های ماهواره ای موجود در نظر گرفته می شود. 10. ادغام انتظار می رود ترکیب ارتباطات اینترنت اشیا تقاضای بازار برای ادغام ماهواره ها را افزایش دهد. ارائه دهندگان ادغام اپراتورها باید با یک اپراتور ماهواره ای که می تواند پشتیبانی لازم را برای یکپارچه سازی فناوری ، و همچنین سخت افزارهای نوآورانه و زیرساخت های ماهواره ای انعطاف پذیر متناسب با نیاز کاربران خود ارائه دهد ، همکاری کنند. مزایایی که در بالا توضیح داده شد به سازگاری نصاب ماهواره در تهران که ارتباطات ماهواره ای تلفن همراه با چشم انداز اینترنت اشیا می رساند ، می انجامد. اما این جمله فقط نوک کوه یخ است. برای تحقق این قول ، اپراتورهای ماهواره ای و اپراتورهای اپراتور باید با هم کار کنند تا اتصال بی عیب و نقصی را ایجاد کند که درآمد پرداختی ما را به آینده بکشاند. نحوه انجام این کار کلید تغییر اینترنت اشیا است که بر همه ما تأثیر می گذارد. منبع: