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This came after companies consulted service reps to figure out why their data was throttled. It's worth treating the rep's statement with a great deal of skepticism; the chances that this one person is completely aware of everything the company is doing seems pretty remote. Still, this was after the representative asked Raphael to perform various diagnostic tests, including a speed test using Verizon's own software, which showed Raphael's service was otherwise running normally at 75 Mbps. Under the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules, broadband companies were forbidden from slowing down or blocking connections to content. That prohibition was struck by the D.C. Circuit court last month, enabling companies to legally throttle service if they chose. Verizon suggested in oral argument last fall that it was interested in different service models.
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Wait I use verizon, and netflix has been so slow! What is this
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Yeah many people are reporting the same, I don't know how credible it is though
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