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The drama gods just can’t resist reuniting Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun again and again. Perhaps we can expect a ratings spike when Suzy makes a cameo appearance possibly on this week’s or next week’s You Came From The Stars. The national sweetheart, who will be filming her scenes within the next two days, will have to answer to the national goddess’ seething jealousy when she shows interest in Min Joon. We’ve seen the extent of Song Yi’s craziness, so, Suzy, watch out! Meanwhile, this week’s broadcasts of You Came From The Stars will be shown 20 minutes early (at 21:35 / 9:35 PM) due to the Winter Olympics.
My Beautiful suzy I love you
@MasriDaniela woow can't wait to next episode
wooowww @christy sis interesting omooooo can't wait ....thanks diva :-*
@divalycious hahahha ohhh i can't wait for this week's episodes~ what are they going to do after the kiss and how is she going to act out her jealousyyy waiting for drama is haunting me again noww~~ T_T
@ameliasantos10 here's what I read : Suzy shall be acting as a undergraduate in Do Min Joon's class and will have intimate scenes with Min Joon, causing Songyi to be extremely jealous. This will be shown on 13 February 2014.
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