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Announcing the Vinglers elected to broadcast live from the Gaon Charts Kpop awards! *Presspass: @grattis, @ameliasantos10 *Normal invitation: @jsh7183, @gravityworld, @clzlsakdy, @kristinemherbst An email with guidelines on how to download the Vingle App with the card writing feature will be sent to people who have been elected. Winners should be comfortable using the Vingle mobile app. Please do not forget to reply back by email. If a reply email is not sent back by Feb 11th by 2pm, this opportunity will be passed on to another Vingler. We congratulate the elected Vinglers, and thank all those who applied.
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ohmygosh thank you Vingle!!! Thank you ^^~~ I can't wait for tomorrow~~!!!! even thinking about it is already exciting > <; KKYAA~
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@vingleenglish I really hope there is another opportunity like this!! Thank you though for this!
4 years ago·Reply
@lili Stay tuned for more Vingle opportunities that are bound to arise.
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I want my turn , please..
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