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I am going to be completely honest and say that I am shocked to actually be here in Shanghai. Mainly because of the anticipation building up to this trip, but also because of New York’s awful consecutive snow storm weather. I was almost certain that I would be stuck in the USA for another week or so due to being snowed in, however I ended up taking up in an open window of beautiful clear skies. Putting that aside, I am actually here, living in this beautiful city. It has a liveliness and grittiness that I love in all cities, but it too has its own unique culture, people, history and controversies that make Shanghai. I have been here less than I a week and am already enjoying getting to know the city, trying to explore as much as I can. The only big problem is the language, but I hope I can change that with a little bit of practice and time. Pictured here is the view from the Bund! I will see whether or not I will make a Shanghai photography collection– based on how often I get to the internet. It has already not been the best so far. But anyway, more to come!
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Sweet picture, let us know what restaurants you try! Shanghai cuisine is supposed to be greasy but great