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Broadcasting live from the Gaon Charts Kpop Awards!
@saharhyunjoong @hannou @divalycious @aneezaful @annegutierrez I am soooo excited right now!!!! I have been chosen and will be attending the Gaonchart Kpop Awards tomorrow AND I WILL BE IN THE PRESS ZONE!!(http://www.vingle.net/posts/285670) but don't worry I won't be enjoying the whole thing by myself I will live broadcast the atmosphere during the Awards tomorrow through Vingle so make sure you guys are checking out the Kpop interest tomorrow!!! So here are the details of the Broadcast: "Gaonchart Kpop Awards" Date & Time: February 12th @ 7pm [KST] Top 10 Nominees for the Awards: -EXO -SHINee -SNSD -Beast -Infinite -BAP -VIXX -B1A4 -Roy Kim -Jung Jun Young Hopefully I will be able to see these artists tomorrow!~ I will make sure to try to get some great photos for you guys I promise!~~ EXCITEMENT IS OVERFLOWING~~~~ hahaha THANK YOU VINGLE for making this fan girl's dream come true!!~
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