Geneticist Josef Penninger from Apeiron in conversation about Corona at Agenda Austria

Corona "probably 30 times more toxic than the flu" Corona is "probably 30 occasions even more deadly than the flu, very well says Penninger. And not like the initial SARS virus, which is complicated to transmit, Covid-19 is also more infectious than autorevolezza. And but the geneticist does not necessarily trust him or her self to make a even more precise review of the expected supply within Austria: “There are different situations. Some consider that 58 percent of all men and women are afflicted. I avoid hope that could happen, ”he says. The virus can also “go aside like the flu when spring will come. One does not know". Because the flu malware also can withstand temps above 35 degrees Celsius. Just from springtime would men and women spend less time in sealed rooms, which will explains the seasonality. One other illness feasible What scares him, however, is "that people got sick, obtained well plus fell not well again a couple of weeks later, inches states the geneticist. This leads to a great even greater concern inside spread than having influenza, by way of example. In addition, this individual also supporters the thorough vaccination towards flu virus. Apeiron: Rapid specialized medical test desired As is regarded, right now there is currently no immunization against Covid-19. Penninger's SARS medication would as well, whether it were basically applicable towards the new corona virus, not get used for vaccination, but for people who ended up already unwell. The drug has been examined on people, but definitely not on corona individuals. Appropriate scientific studies have become essential quickly. “We wish to employ for a clinical trial in China. That would likely happen in Wuhan. Yet we can also take out the study inside The european union. In France. As well as in Austria, although We hope it won't work, ”says Penninger. "High probability the fact that it will get worse" Later in the discussion, this individual relativizes the positive outlook recommended here that now there could be too few people for a study inside Luxembourg: "The way this curves look, the chance is high that the idea will find worse". Accordingly, the idea is important to carry out the advised or recommended self-protection and even isolation steps.