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Valentine's day is only a few days away, and the plan to have that ever elusive perfect Valentine's Day needs to be planned! While the rest of the day and night are planned outside of the home, such as candlelight dinner at a beautiful sea-side restaurant, or the handsome carriage ride through the park, coming back home to wine, some strawberries and a romantic movie to snuggle up to would mark the ending to any great Valentine's Day, no? Here are 5 movies that are sure to have you cuddling up to your handsome Valentine: 1) The Notebook The real beauty of this movie lies in the tenderness and kindness of an old man who reads a love story to an old woman suffering from dementia. The story he reads is about two young lovers, Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun, who meet one evening at a carnival. Separated by social status, war, and years, it is Noah's unyielding will to let their dream home go that rekindles the love that never left. Allie is engaged, however, and pressured by her parents to step into the "right" life; she must then choose between her fiancé and her first love. 2) Annie Hall 'Don’t knock masturbation. It’s sex with someone I love.' -> If there was ever a love story that could be described as unique, this is it. Irrational, crazy and absurd. Annie Hall gives us love in its all its messy glory. It is the story of Alvy Singer (Woody Allen) trying to understand why his relationship with Annie Hall (Diane Keaton) ended. It might be one of the saddest recounts of how one can find your soulmate and still not live happily ever after. It is, however, for all intensive purposes, one of the most beautiful, heartbreaking love stories ever told on film. 3) Punch Drunk Love Adam Sandler in a romantic movie? Well it is odd, and strange to think about it, but the odd combination makes for a wonderful, albeit awkward, romantic story. One critic put it best "it's a romantic comedy on the verge of a nervous breakdown." This is for all those who know that sometimes loving someone doesn't mean that you will love the perfect strong man, rather the insecure, almost broken guy who would be willing to do anything for you, if he just got the chance. It is, to me, at least, the story of how a real woman finds a real man, and how her love finally pushes him to be a better person. 4) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind This, for me at least, is one of the most beautiful movies ever made. Just listen to the plot: Boy meets girl. They fall in love. Girl gets fed up with boy. Girls erases all memories of boy from her mind with a brain-zapping procedure wait what?!!! If that is not an original plot for a romance story, then I do not know what is. This is one of the most incredibly unique twists on what love and heartbreak makes us do. 5) Before Sunrise This is the first of a beautiful trilogy that follows the complete love story of Jesse and Céline. In this first chapter, Jesse (American traveler) and Céline (student in paris) are both reeling from recent heartbreaks at the hands of their respective exes. They are on a train from Budapest, with Jesse striking up a conversation with Céline. When they reach Vienna, Jesse asks Céline to come with him. He asks her to think what might be if 10-20 years from now, she is unhappily married and she starts to think what if she had picked another guy. This was the chance to see that "the other guy" wouldn't have been that much different. The whole story is basically living out that fantasy of what would happen if I met a stranger passing by and we had just 24 hours together. What would we do? What would be the spark? Mix that all in with the romance of Vienna, and you have your fantasy lived out on film. Plus it has Ethan Hawke!!
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Thanks @coolestx133 for the list!! I will definitely check out Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind lol even the title itself already sounds interesting hahah so which one did you pick to watch this Valentine?