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The ladies of rookie girl group Bebop, who are making their official debut this week, are catching eyes with their intriguing yet comical MV teaser for "I'm the Best" (Korean title: 'I'm the Main'). Bebop consists of 3 members, A-Yeon, Juwoo, and Ji In. Ji In may be a familiar face to many as she is actually a former member of Girl's Day. She'll be re-debuting as part of this girl group with the song "I'm the Best". The MV teaser portrays the 3 members enjoying what seems to be a refined dessert party, but yet are eyeing each other out of the corner of their eyes. Each seem to hint that they consider themselves to be the 'main' or the 'best' member through the teaser. The party soon turns into a slap fight as the girls get slapped around! Although the teaser seems comical, the girls apparently got slapped over 100 times to film these scenes! Ouch! Check them out in the teaser above as we await their first mini album on the 14th!