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Sin Ming Roti Prata, serving the best roti in town
Jin Fa Kopitiam was one of those places that was in the opposite direction of where my house was but I would actually find the ways and time to go to there. They are known to serve the best Roti Prata, and that is just what you need for breakfast Singaporean style. Jin Fa Kopitiam is located in Sin Ming Road near Marymount Station.To get to Sin Ming Road you can take the MRT from Orchard Road to Bishan Station and transfer to yellow line and then get off at Marymount Station. It's around a 15 minutes walk to get to the Kopitiam itself. I lived on the opposite side of the island and I still make sure to visit there often so that’s how good the place is! Here’s basic info. on the Kopitiam: Sin Ming Roti Prata (Sin Ming) #01-51, Jin Fa Kopitiam, Blk 24 Sin Ming Road Singapore 570024 Tel: 64533893 Opening Hours: 6am - 7pm daily Google Map: http://goo.gl/maps/wChnH
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They are indian food you usually eat the roti (fried dough) by dipping it in Indian curry! and for someone who are not good with the strong smell of curry then can also eat this plain and there are so many options of roti too! Roti with eggs or without eggs haha @teamwaffles you should definitely try it sometimes!
i like to eat my naan bread with indian curry, sooo goood!! as for the roti i like mines with eggs and sometimes ill eat it plain too, they are delish!!
Well my favourite way of eating roti has to be sugar and condensed milk and eggs !!! That probably unlocked a whole new level of sugar overloads lol but it's amazing ahhahaha the sweetness!!!!! Especially when it's cooked fresh... @cheerfulcallie