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EXO's Suho and Sehun tease each other through private photos
EXO’s Suho and Sehun have thrown jokes on each other by uploading their personal pictures on the band’s official website on February 10. Read more:
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@fingertaste ... is it weird that I understand what you mean exactly? hahahahah baekhyun is tempting
4 years ago·Reply
all exo's stan will understand well what I mean, because WE ALL HAVE THAT EXO EFECT kkkkk @ameliasantos10
4 years ago·Reply
hahahah yes... there's simply too many to choose from!! everytime someone is like so who do you like most out of all of them I take like 20 minutes to answer!~ ahhaha @fingertaste
4 years ago·Reply
as lee soo man said... U might dont like the music, but I'll make sure you'll like one of them... Regards: The great Soo Man @ameliasantos10
4 years ago·Reply
ahhahahhaha why do i find that kind of funny lol but I think Exo work really hard in term of their team work! but I guess Lee Soo Man is right but I don't think it's just one that you will like it's atleast two or more up!~ @fingertaste
4 years ago·Reply