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Chance Peay

Ice, salt, and snow crunched under my shoes as I opened the door for Ellie. I held her hand as she stepped out of the warmth of our car, onto the icy pavement. We both had our dress shoes on, the hard soles making it difficult to plant our feet firmly as we walked. The crunches of our footsteps accentuated the sounds of crackling tree branches in the frigid air. We stepped onto a lighted flagstone path; the walkway had been shoveled and salted before our arrival.

We had attended a Christmas party earlier that evening and Ellie suggested we stop at Jason and Anne's house before retiring for the night. It was early enough, and I looked forward to loosening my tie and kicking off my shoes with a nightcap in front of the fire with our oldest and best friends.

Shortly after ringing the bell, a bellow of warm air greeted us as Anne opened the door. Her dark hair framed her sparkling brown eyes and beautiful smile. She looked adorable in her dark floral evening dress, which contrasted with her tan Mediterranean complexion.

"Hey, guys," Anne greeted as she held the door open for us, "C'mon in!"

"Hi Annie," Ellie met Anne's embrace with a kiss, "Man, it iscoldout there."

"Merry Christmas," I gave Anne a hug and kiss, "It's beautiful and warm in here." I smelled fresh pine and a fire, and noticed a Christmas tree in the living room with a warm, glowing fire in the fireplace. "Perfect!" Our kiss was a quick brush, but the feel her soft lips and the gentle scent of her golden brown hair lingered. I watched her as she took our coats to another room, admiring the back of her figure, as I loosened my tie.

"Hi,Sweetie!" Jason welcomed Ellie into the kitchen where he was making drinks. I took my eyes off Anne to watch Ellie stride down the hall toward Jason. She was wearing her tailored black leather pants and high-heeled boots, showing off her long legs and shapely bottom. Ellie's long strawberry blonde hair flowed over her tight gray and white sweater, accentuating her shapely form. She turned heads all night at the Christmas party and Jason was more than happy to give this statuesque beauty a kiss and warm hug Midget Gay Porn Movies.

Our friendship with Jason and Anne has lasted since college, through weddings, kids, vacations, and holidays. We had also shared bad times; dealing with illnesses, marriage and family issues, and loss of loved ones. Our life stories entwined to forge a solid, respectful, and very platonic relationship. We were always comfortable and open with each other. Always focusing on humor in life and sharing laughs, as well as providing shoulders on which to cry.

"Glad you guys could show up!" Jason tended the fire in the living room fireplace and we sat down on the couches on either side. The warmth of the fire was the perfect antidote to the freezing temperatures outside. The drinks also warmed us up as we talked about current events, business, and family.

I caught myself gazing at Ellie and Anne. Their ebullient glow was breath-taking. Ellie's steel blue eyes sparkled with her smiles and laughter. Her socks and soft leather pants outlined her leggy curves. Her gray and white sweater was just as flattering, showing off her graceful geography. She was sitting with one leg up on the couch next to Jason, and I noticed he would steal glances to her relaxed athletic physique. I couldn't blame him. I'm sure he would catch me looking at Anne the same way. Her smiles were infectious and inviting, her elegant figure and facade would always turn heads.

"Anybody up for a hot tub?" Jason asked, putting the fire poker down. I knew he and Anne owned one, but we never really thought about it. I was somewhat surprised because our relationship had always been platonic and this might be awkward. My reservations evaporated as Ellie and Anne agreed with a "Sounds good" and "Sure!"


We topped off our drinks and stepped out to the terrace. The hot tub was illuminated by the lights inside the living room window as it steamed into the cold night air. We each put down our drinks next to the tub. Jason and I unbuttoned and unzipped while Ellie pulled off her sweater and Anne's dress fell. Ellie's breasts looked fantastic as she removed her white bra and black pants, her red lace panties sliding to the floor. I noticed Anne was not wearing a bra as she slipped off her tight white satin lingerie. The dim lighting obscured a more intimate view.

I noticed Jason was visually soaking-in Ellie as they removed the last of their cloths. Her eyes took in in his tall bearish frame, and other features matching his big bear hands. He watched Ellie's long legs entering the water as she stepped into the tub. Over our years of friendship, we had never seen the others' spouses undressed. We had vacationed at beaches together so he and I were used to seeing his wife in a bikini and my wife in her one-piece bathing suit so this seemed to be a significant milestone in our relationship. As always, we were doing our best to be gentlemen and not to ogle at the beautiful women in our company.

I watched Anne's supple figure, her ample bosom elegantly swaying as she got into the hot tub. I was relieved Anne was smiling as she watched me step in. I had never encountered Anne in such an intimate setting. Our interactions had always involved kids, friends or some sort of traveling logistics free gay live sex.

The water felt perfect and we settled in; Ellie next to Jason, and Anne next to me. We relaxed and continued our conversations as we enjoyed the warm water. Each time the girls reached for their drinks, Jason and I were treated to glimpses of their beautiful breasts. Ellie's nipples were pink and blended nicely into her Irish/Scottish white skin while Anne's were darker against her olive complexion. Jason and I smiled as we watched each other's spouse as we have not experienced before.

Anne reached out of the tub next to me for a container of bubble bath, her bare breast inches in front of me. I resisted my impulse to lean forward to nuzzle or kiss. I smiled at Ellie and she smiled back with an expression I hadn't seen since we were younger. Her lowered brow and tempting smile indicated she was up to something.

Anne poured the bubble bath mix in the middle of the tub and Jason reached for a switch to turn on the water jets. The tub rumbled gently as the jets engaged; the bubbles formed with a scent of rose and lavender. We each sat back and relaxed and enjoyed the experience. We were close enough to feel each other's legs and we let our feet and legs rest against each other. Anne turned towards me, lifted her legs up and let them rest across my thighs while she reclined a bit, "Ah,that'sbetter."

Ellie did the same with Jason and agreed, "That'sdefinitelymore comfortable."

The conversation drifted and I noticed Ellie was looking at Jason with his eyebrows raised with an even bigger smile than before. Her knee broke through bubbles in front of Jason. She was teasing him with her foot and he looked like he was in heaven. His arm looked outstretched under the bubbles and Ellie had fluttered her eyes as I semi-imagined his hand on her breast.

My heart raced as I realized I was caressing Anne's legs across my lap. I gently reached down and snuggled her legs closer to me with my burgeoning erection between her calves. Anne's knee broke through the bubbles as she rubbed the sensitive underside of my shaft with her toes while resting the top against her other leg. I understood immediately Jason's heavenly look.

My caresses were finding their way towards Anne's hip and waist and I started to feel like an awkward teenager. She must have sensed my apprehension and gave my hand a light tap under the bubbles. Anne lifted my hand up to her breast, closed her eyes and smiled approvingly.

Her breasts were wonderfully soft and round; I was hoping she enjoyed my caresses. My hand gently explored, stroked, and massaged all around her globes and nipples, leaving me breathless. I heard a soft "Mmm" and I let my hand fall to her waist and across to the top of her thigh. I gave a soft massage as my hand came to a rest at the top of her inner thigh, the edge of my hand against her womanhood. I gently caressed around the edges, and then snuggled up the middle with the back of my fingers. My fingers gently stroked the sides of her sensitive blossom, then brushed up the middle again and let the tip of my finger rest on her, tenderly, ever so lightly massaging.

"Verynice," Anne whispered.

"Yes," Ellie agreed, letting out a deep breath. Her head was tilted back a little and her mouth was slightly open. Whatever Jason was doing under the bubbles was making her feel good. We were enjoying our new experience immensely and time was passing too quickly. I felt we could have stayed there all night.

The conversation had ebbed and the bubbles had disappeared. Anne suggested we go inside next to the fire. We all agreed and Jason reached over to turn off the water jets. The night was silent and cold, the only sound being the tree branches crackling with the light chilly breeze. Jason offered to refresh our drinks as he stood up to get out of the tub.

Jason could not hide his erection and Ellie leaned forward. Anne and I watched as Ellie's hands came out of the water; one to gently caress his inner thigh, the other to steady his staff with her fingertips as she affectionately kissed his tip. She lingered for a second kiss, opening her mouth, tasting him with her tongue and lips.

Anne pressed my hand more firmly to her soft mound as Ellie's lips gently slid down Jason's shaft, her tongue caressing below the ridges of his crown. Jason took a deep breath and his eyes briefly closed as Ellie gently pulled away and offered to help him in the kitchen.

He stepped out of the tub and reached to assist Ellie. They quickly donned their underwear and covered up with towels to shield themselves from the frigid night air as they headed towards the kitchen door.

I looked at Anne and as I was caressing her thigh, she mentioned, "Ellie and I have something special for you boys tonight."

"I can't imagineanythingmore wonderful than being with you two beautiful ladies tonight," my mind raced. She leaned a bit closer and closed her eyes. Our lips brushed against each other followed by a gentle kiss. For once, after so many years of restraint, our lips parted and our tongue tips touched. My hand cupped her breast as we brushed lips free interracial gay sex movies

"Stand up," she whispered.

I realized my erection was fuller than expected as I stood up. Anne smiled, "You get a kiss also." She rested her feather-like fingernails on my staff while she kissed the tip. Her soft, warm lips encompassed the head and gently slipped down the shaft. As she pulled away, I could feel her warm tongue giving me an affectionate stroke. She looked up at me with a smile and offered her hand to me.

After helping Anne out of the tub, we pulled on our undies and wrapped up in towels. The transition from warm water to cold air was a little unpleasant, but I wasn't about to complain. We picked up the piles of clothes to bring inside and agreed they were too cold to put on now.


Anne and I joined Ellie in the kitchen where Jason had prepared some cocktails. They were drying their hair as I grabbed one of the beverages and headed to the living room where Jason was putting a log on the fire. I sat down on one of the couches next to the fire, feeling the contrast to the cold outside. The heat felt great considering we were only wearing towels over our boxers.

"What agreatnight," I turned to Jason. We heard the girls in the kitchen talking softly and laughing. "Thank youso muchfor having us over."

"Cheers!"He held up his glass, "Fantastic you guys could visit," we clinked glasses and he added, "I think the girls are up to something."

"It seems the moon and the stars are in alignment tonight," I replied.

Ellie and Anne joined us; Anne sat next to me and Ellie across from her, each bathed in the warm glow of the fire. Jason, satisfied with the fire, accompanied us. Still in our towels, we had a toast to a wonderful warm night with great friends as we settled in next to the fire. The cocktails were kicking in as we talked and laughed about silly, funny, and ironic things. The girls relaxed and sat back facing the fireplace. Ellie brought her leg onto the couch to better face Jason and Anne turned towards me the same way.

We were sitting in the same places as before our hot tub break, the only difference was that nothing was hiding the girls' legs and curves; the way they were sitting left their towels open, revealing their inner thighs and underwear. Ellie's red lace panties showed Jason the outlines of her most private anatomy, tightly shrouding her soft strawberry blond hair. Once again, I could see her smiling expression of naughtiness while participating in our light conversation.

Anne was also smiling and interacting as though nothing was unusual. The fire glinted in her eyes as she sipped her cocktail. I was doing my best to hold eye contact as we talked, not letting my gaze wander to her legs, open and draped by her loose towel. Her sheer white satin lingerie contrasted with her olive skin; the semi-transparent fabric struggled to conceal her soft womanhood and delicate chocolate brown hair, contouring her soft petals and cleft. I was finding it difficult to be gregarious with such a distraction and I thought maybe that was why she was smiling.

Jason and I were mesmerized by the beauties in front of us and we became speechless. All I could say was, "You ladies looksobeautiful tonight."

Jason agreed, "Breathtaking."

"Can we take off our towels?" I summoned the courage to ask. Once again, the replies, "Sounds good!", "Sure!" and a "Woo!" filled the room.

Jason and I abandoned our towels, letting them fall to the floor. I felt a little guilty wearing my boxers, but hoped they would come off soon.

"Ok, Elle.You go first!" Anne offered.

Ellie obliged with a "Woo!" and opened her towel. Her wonderfully round breasts swayed as she waved her towel above with a dramatic toss behind the couch, earning applause from the rest of us. Her pink areolas and nipples perkily stood at attention.

She reclined on the couch with a huge smile, showing off her newly liberated breasts and slender tummy, sliding her leg slightly into the couch, seductively raising and lowering her hips to give Jason a better view of her lace panties and luxurious inner thighs. He gazed at the intricate, detailed texture of her lingerie covering her soft, undulating mound, teasing and enticing. His arousal couldn't be concealed any longer by his boxers, the fabric straining to contain his excitement.

"Wow, Elle. You lookamazing!" Jason gently declared. He looked mesmerized by a specter he could only have imagined. He and I were in the same boat; the hot, married best friends of our beautiful wives were off limits. We could only appreciate from a distance for so many years and for so many legitimate reasons. But tonight, it was becoming apparent; the ladies were waiving the rules. Ellie glanced to me as she teased Jason.

"Wow!" I mouthed to her as I caught her eyes. I interjected, in my best English accent, "Ellen, you are asaucyminx!" She winked and playfully wiggled her shoulders to accentuate the motion of her breasts. She turned back to Jason and I was happy to share this usually private, intimate experience with such a close friend.

"Ok,my turn!" Anne laughed. I was trying to maintain my composure as I watched her reach up to loosen her towel and slowly reveal her alluring breasts and svelte tummy above her sheer white panties. As the towel slid off, I didn't have to imagine that her breasts were more than ample for her supple body. Her dark skin around her nipples blended into her Mediterranean complexion. We all let out a "Woo!"as she dropped her towel behind the couch, earning a second round of applause.

Anne smiled immensely, yet demurely, as she reclined against the arm of the couch. Keeping one foot on the floor, she raised her knee against the back of the couch, offering a view of her scantily clad voluptuousness. She gently swayed her breasts as I absorbed the sight of her supple figure, thighs open, beguiling with white satin and tan skin.

"You look great, Annie,absolutely beautiful," I complimented.

Jason agreed "Hear, hear!"

I felt Anne watching me as my gaze drifted from her smiling, dark eyes to her large firm breasts and dark tips to the supple mound of her womanhood, outlined and contoured by the light, silky fabric. Anne opened her thighs a bit more and rocked her hips teasingly.

"Cheers, Elle," Anne lifted her drink as did Ellie. "We have a couple of great guys here tonight. I love themboth."

Their enchanting breasts swayed like pendulums as they lifted their glasses to each other. The vision of the two women, unconstrained by clothing, with only sheer panties covering the apex of their open legs was stunning. My mind wrestled with the years of conditioning to suppress and conceal any desires for my best friend's wife and I knew Jason was thinking along the same lines. Trying to hide my excitement was futile. My best bet was to concentrate on keeping my composure. I closed my mouth and didn't try to hide the flagpole which nature was erecting in my shorts.

"I agree with you, Annie. They've beengreathusbands and fathers. They're both fantastic," Ellie softly caressed the side of her breast, mesmerizing Jason. His gaze opened at a wide angle to take in a vision of which he had only dreamed.

"And they're sohandsometoo," Anne smiled glowingly as her hand drifted to the top hem of her panties. Her thumb and forefinger pulled the fabric towards her bellybutton, accentuating the contours of her mound and cleft, the warm fire reflecting in the satin.

"Yes, they're looking prettydamn goodtonight," Ellie enticingly caressed her breasts with both hands. Her fingers slid under and around her globes with fingertips and thumbs touching hardening nipples under Jason's gaze.

"Do you ever think of them when you'remasturbating?" Anne's hips rose slightly to allow the lingerie to slide next to her flower petals.

"Usually, my lovers are faceless when I masturbate. They're only there formypleasure but sometime I do personify when I want to add a dimension ofloveto my fantasies." Her hand floated to the space between her open legs, tenderly brushing the lace covering her flower. She absorbed Jason's gaze with a look of steamy determination, "Usually it's Chaz, butsometimesJason visits."

"That sounds like a good fantasy," Anne's middle finger lingered over the silken fabric, softly touching the top of her cleft, below her mound. Her eyes looked into mine. "What do you imagine with them?

"I think of Chaz fucking me while I have Jason..." Ellie blushed hesitatingly, raising her hand from her breast to a fanning motion next to her cheek. "Uphere," Jason watched Ellie caress her lower lip as she opened her mouth. The tip of her tongue reached to touch her fingernail. "What about you?

"First of all, you can't have both of them. At leastnot tonight," Anne laughed.

"Oh, dam, we have toshare?" Ellie feigned mock consternation." The laughter of the ladies filled the room.

"Usually, I fantasize about Jason fucking me or making out with my pussy when I'm getting myself off." Anne ran her finger along the middle crease of her lingerie, applying more pressure as she touched her sensitive bud. "But Idothink about Chaz sometimes. Every once in a while I wonder what it would be like to feel his cock or give him a blowjob." Anne watched me melt as she opened her mouth and ran her tongue along her upper lip. She winked with an inviting smile and glanced at her husband, "Jason,"