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This is a serious reminder: Yeo Jin Goo is only 16! With his latest pictorial for online magazine bnt International, it’s very easy to forget that he’s underaged. ;)
@divaycious thanks for the reminder lol or else alot of people will go to jail for being a pedo-noona hahaha but with this photo shoot it made me forget that he was 16! I mean look at those pose haha he looks like he's atleast 20 doesn't he?
@ameliasantos10 have you watched him in "The Moon embracing the Sun" ... wowwie ... it also has Kim Soo Hyun ... who now it seems is the reigning prince of sageuks ... :D
@divalycious yes!! I have seen that drama > _ <; he still looks so young to me back then and actually I went back to watch this drama called Gourmet.. Jin Goo was like a baby in that drama!!! you should look up the photo from then haha