Reusable make-up remover pads as eco-friendly idea to your home!

These attractively simple reusable makeup remover pads are made of 2 layers of fabric. A cotton towelling front that you add your favourite makeup remover, cleanser or ointment to and simply wipe off. The trunk is a beautiful cotton or polycotton patterned cloth, who said makeup wipes needed to be dull? As these wipes are little circles they work really well for removing eye makeup but also eliminating base, etc from around those fiddly areas such as the nose. Once you've removed all your makeup you simply need to add them in along with your laundry. When washing them so with towels as you should not add any osmosis or osmosis to them, this will not help! You might also wish to set them in a laundry bag or within a pillowcase. This is only so your washing machine doesn't eat them! Now let's enter some numbers will we? So for those that wear make-up, think about how often you wear it and the best way to remove it. Let us say for example you wear makeup 6 days a week and use 3 make-up remover wet wipes to remove your makeup. In one week you would be utilizing 18 wet wipes a week, that's roughly 72 moist wipes a month and 864 moist wipes each year! Now that's frightening, especially when nearly all wet wipes include plastic meaning they add hugely to your plastic waste! Well, they don't actually exist at this time! They do not disintegrate quickly enough to refrain from causing huge fatbergs that obstruct sewers and lead to flood by sewerage! Now I'm pretty certain none of us need raw sewage backing up though our toilets, do we? The cost of disposable wet wipes whether they're expert makeup remover wipes or just normal wet wipes varies. So much so that you may find yourself paying a small fortune for something you just ever have to use once! You are literally throwing money out!