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It is not difficult to find women who are on her diet eating extremely less. But most of the case, this doesn't work. Why that happens? Here is the reason If you take small amount of calories, that makes all your body works slow -> In other words, your metabolism is slowed down. So this is what happens. You eat less calories -> slow metabolism -> not losing any body fat. If you cut down your calories intake, you might lose your weight at the very beginning stage. But your weight will stay the same and you will be frustrated as time goes by. So check how much calories you are taking a day if your weight started to stay the same. If your metabolism be already slowed down(= if you were doing low calorie diet for more than 3 months), stop the diet! Your metabolism will be recovered as long as you take right amount of calories. Conclusion You are stressed because you do not eat for diet, and you are not seeing any effect of the diet? Then just eat some nice dinner! For all the people who is no low calorie diet :)
yummy thank you
but I will add that it is not about just cutting calories, but rather about cutting out unhealthy snacks and foods
@joebiden you are completely right about that
I think we can say that generally any fad diet is a waste. Cut calories, eat mostly vegetables and fruits, and exercise will do a lot better than any kind of starvation, atkins, or paleo regime.
@scottB i think that everything you said is correct. I do not, however, feel that i was disagreeing with you in this post. I was saying that starving yourself is not a good way to go because your body will adjust and go basically into "starvation" mode. The point of this article was to basically say you should not starve yourself, but rather find the right way to eat healthy and supplement that with a good workout routine. thanks though! what you said was very insightful!
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