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Hello everyone! My name is Kristine Mitevska and I am really excited to be going to live stream Kpop awards. This will be an amazing first experience for me in the city of Seoul.
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heyy this is great!~ @kristinemherbst congratulations hahahahha I am also chosen to go to the Kpop Awards!!~ I hope you will have a great time and a great first experience in Seoul!
Just a quick question did you get the tickets already? @ameliasantos10
Actually no.. I haven't received anything yet but I just emailed them so hopefully I will here back from them soon :( can you let me know if you hear anything from them? @kristinemherbst
Just got an email confirming my tickets. I need to pick them up between 6-7 today at the Olympic park. I had to email them to remind them. 馃槉 Good luck. Hope you get the reply from them. If not just keep emailing them. And also you can hit me up on kakao talk if you have it. My id is kristinemyoon. 馃槉
Alright thank you!!! I will probably try to email them again soon~ and hope you will have a great time today~~ and it's kind of cold out so wear something warm hahaah :)