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Do you wish your torso were longer? Sometimes a short torso can make someone feel thick in the middle even though they are at a healthy weight. Here are some practical tips you can easily follow if you want your torso to look longer than it is.  1. Choose the right pants Try straight, flared, or tapered fit pants, which essentially draws your eyes upwards. Pants with cuffs go well with a short torso. Lastly, low-rise pants are the best way for you to create a slimmer and longer look.  Avoid high-waisted pants since it will ruin your body balance.  2. Utilize V-necks, and avoid boatnecks or crewnecks V-necks are well known to help one look slimmer and longer. It can be also very helpful for people who have a short torso. A plunging v-neck is perhaps the most beautiful neckline when dressing a short torso. Remember to utilize anything that's vertically oriented. Square necklines also work great.  You should avoid anything which has a horizontal line, which will emphasize your width. A boatneck, a crewneck, or a turtleneck are not good matches for people with a short torso.  3. Long shirts work better than short shirts.  Short shirts will emphasize a short torso. Avoid cropped jackets, shrugs, or navel-skimming tees. Try tunics or un-tucked buttoned-up shirts which skim your hips. They will make your body look slimmer and longer. If it is cold outside, go with long and lean sweaters which blur the location of your waistline so that you can create the look of more length. 
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