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아디다스 풋볼 에디토리얼 STADIUM TO STREET – Ver 3
STADIUM TO STREET 마지막 이야기 지난 3월 26일, 콜롬비아와의 친선경기에서 2:1을 기록하며 성공의 쾌거를 안겨줬던 한국 축구 대표팀. 이로써 한국은 콜롬비아와의 역대 전적에서 4승 2무 1패로 우위를 이어가며 앞으로 펼쳐질 경기들을 더욱 기대케 했다. 짜릿했던 경기만큼이나 이슈를 몰았던 건 선수들이 착용했던 축구화. 첫 골문을 열었던 손흥민이 아디다스(adidas)의 ‘익시빗(EXHIBIT)’ 팩 엑스 18+(X 18+) 모델을 신고 출전함으로써 넣은 골 못지않게 아디다스 축구화도 큰 관심을 받았다. 축구를 향한 대중들의 열기가 최고조로 달아오른 지금, 아디다스와 <아이즈매거진> 에디토리얼 프로젝트 ‘STADIUM TO STREET’가 아쉽게도 마지막 시리즈를 알린다. 이번 화보에서는 새롭게 태어난 ‘버추소(VIRTUSO)’ 팩의 TR화가 감초 역할을 톡톡히 했다. 각양각색 존재감 선명한 스타일을 뽐내는 축구선수 손흥민, 이승우, 백승호, 조현우 그리고 김승규 5인. 앞으로 그들의 활약을 기대하며, 깊은 잔상을 남기는 이들의 마지막 에디토리얼을 바로 아래의 슬라이드에서 만나보자. 이 전 시리즈가 궁금하다면 여기에서 먼저 확인해보길. 더 자세한 내용은 <아이즈매거진>링크에서 CREATIVE DIRECTOR / PARK JINPYO AE & EDITOR / KIM JEONGEUN PHOTOGRAPHER / JANG DUKHWA, KWAK KIGON MODEL / SON HEUNGMIN, LEE SEUNGWOO, PAIK SEUNGHO, JO HYEONWOO, KIM SEUNGGYU VIDEOGRAPHER / GONG SUBIN HAIR & MAKE-UP / EOM JUNGMI, KOO HYUNMI STYLIST / HAN JONGWAN
Ronaldo and the Syrian Refugee Boy
Remember that time when a Hungarian journalist intentionally tripped a Syrian refugee carrying his son? Well, the story of Osama Alabed Almohse (the father in the picture) and his youngest son, Ziad, immediately became international news and word spread that Almohse was a soccer coach in Syria. He was then offered a teaching job at CENAFE which is a Spanish school that trains coaches. And it didn't stop there. Last Thursday, Real Madrid president, Florentine Perez, invited Almohse, and his two sons, Mohammad and Ziad, to Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, the home and heart of Real Madrid. But something even greater happened over the weekend during a match between Real Madrid and Granada. Ziad got to walk onto the field of Santiago Bernabeu with his hero and the sport's most recognizable star, Cristiano Ronaldo. Also, Ronaldo and his teammates wore T-shirts that showed their support for all the refugees that have fled Syria. And Real Madrid said the club plans on donating 1 million euros toward the humanitarian cause and help out the Syrian refugees. The club plans on helping Almohse attain refugee status in Spain, but he'll have to first learn how to speak Spanish. Hopefully they can start a new life in Spain and never have to go through the terrible experience they had a few weeks ago. Source: Cristiano Ronaldo Brings Syrian Refugee Boy Onto Soccer Field Also, everyone needs to check out this amazing card by @LizArnone! Syrians Need Our Help And Why The World Needs To Do More.