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5 years of acting, how did Lee Jong Suk become a top actor? When taking a look at Lee Jong Suk’s walks of life as an actor, 5 years since his debut has always been busy. From his debut drama ‘Prosecutor Princess’(SBS), he has grown rapidly with 12 work pieces in 4 years. Especially from the second half of 2012, all his works from ‘School 2013’, ‘I Hear Your Voice’(SBS) and a movie ‘The Face Reader’ made him a top star. He always had sincerity for every piece and that’s how he is who he is now. He comes back with a new drama ‘Dr.Stranger’(Title unsettled) in April and plays as a genius doctor from North Korea who is treated as a stranger. This role strengthened his acting ability and improved him a lot.
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UNNIE have u seen no breathing i wanna c it are the subs out yet plzz post it for me and let me know :)