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Full frame 16 megapixel cameras from Nikon cost over US$2,000 a piece but the new Fuji XT-1 APS-C sensor camera cost far less. Would you care to pick one up?
@dillionk Custom made lenses like the Petzval lens? That would be nice. I would advise you to get some old screw mount Russian lenses too if you can find a mount to fit your camera. Those give pretty awesome results for its price.
@Benard Digital can be boring, but I've been starting to use some manipulative processes like custom made lenses and scanners. That makes things pretty fun. Your book sounds cool, I would love to read it when your done :)
@dillionk I am still trying out half frame photography with the 35mm stocks. Digital is kinda boring these days with the megapixel race and yea, I do quite a bit of mobile photography using the GN2 and iPod touch too. Am writing a book on that right now...
@Benard Do you have a preferences between film and digital? Do you shoot any film sizes besides 35mm?
@dillionk, I have too many to name all. I play with film and digital cameras but I stop short of getting anything remotely full frame or APS-C type cameras. Full frame digital is just too expensive for the time being and I since I don't suffer from camera envy, I am quite happy to shoot with what I have.
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