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Did you see the Unaffiliated Athletes in Sochi?
If you saw the unaffiliated athletes in Sochi, you may have been wondering why they were there without a country. The IOC had suspended India after widespread corruption in India's Olympic Committee The International Olympic Committee has reinstated India, allowing its athletes to once again compete under their country's flag after a ban of more than a year. The reinstatement raises to 89 the number of countries and territories participating in the Sochi Games.
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How many countries have unaffiliated athletes? Is this the only reason for unaffiliated athletes?
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In the past a few residents of former states sent unaffiliated athletes, mostly small islands and such. This year its all india.
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Weird, will india's athletes be able to compete as Indians for the rest of these games?
3 years ago·Reply
Yes, the change is effective right away
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