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i just watch Thor chingus and found this article chingus KPOP AVENGERS PARODY so have 2 share it w u all check it out :-)♥ Have fun reading it WAHHH
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@saharhyunjoong I love his smile too!! you can't even see his eyes but it's still adorable in contrast to his big muscles lol
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@ameliasantos10 agree :-D ♥ enjoying the awards chingu :-) dont forget 2 share the pics
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@saharhyunjoong hahaha thanks : ] of course I will not forget to share the pictures hahaha don't forget to check out my updates later on in the day!
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@ameliasantos10 i will 4 sure thanks chingu :-)♥ love u you r the besttt when i come 2 seoul i will visit u :-)♥
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@saharhyunjoong :) you should definitely visit Seoul soon!!!!
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