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Are you afraid of commitment? If not, you’re most likely are familiar with someone who is. We’ve all seen the perpetually uncommitted guy or girl who loathes the idea of a permanent, long-term relationship. But why do these feelings exist? Are they justified and legitimate, or are they unfounded and immature? As is true with practically all romantic issues, this topic isn’t black and white. However, myths and misconceptions about romantic commitment run rampant, and lots of people don’t know the whole story. Don’t say “no” to a commitment before you read these five myths. Myth 1. All Guys are Terrified of Commitment Not as many men are scared of commitment as women think. There are plenty of men who are open to commitment, but you have to know how to find them and also how to let them know you’re serious. Myth 2. Committed Relationships Should be Easy No long-term relationship is easy. Don’t let anybody tell you that you shouldn’t consider commitment if your relationship isn’t a breeze. All relationships take work from both partners. In fact, couples that know how to handle their conflicts and move forward are probably more suited for commitment than others. Myth 3. Everybody Knows When They Meet “The One” Movies, books, TV shows, and a whole host of other sources have taught us from a young age that when you meet the person you’re meant to be with bells will ring, fireworks will burst, and you’ll know without a doubt that you should marry them. This isn’t necessarily true. Although some people claim to have experienced love at first sight, most couples come together differently. The only way to know if someone is right for you is to learn their personality, goals, and desires over time. Myth 4. Having Lots of Relationships Helps You Know When to Commit Don’t let anyone tell you that you need to experience lots of relationships to figure out who is best for you. Although it seems logical that having many relationships would help you determine the best kind of mate, the habit of beginning and ending so many relationships can make it difficult to finally make a commitment when you meet someone you feel passionately about. Myth 5. Committed Relationships Get Boring A healthy relationship is rarely boring. If you can’t imagine your life without your significant other, then you should feel comfortable making a commitment to them. As your relationship grows, you will see that boredom isn’t likely!