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A lot of ladies think that glasses are a big fashion flop, and they try to avoid them at all costs. They’re probably remembering their time in grade school, when anybody with a set of specs was being labeled “four eyes.” Well, everything has changed since then. If you can pull them off, glasses are one of the hippest accessories out there. With so many patterns, colors, and shapes to choose from, glasses have the spark that you need to take an outfit from average to chic. Nobody is going to be making fun of these girls. They can rock a pair of glasses, and they know it.
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the couple look in the third photo is adorable >.< I kinda wish I could pull off glasses that well > < but don't you think that sometimes glasses without lenses look a little bit ridiculous?
@ameliasantos10 yes I think the general consensus right now is that glasses without lenses is a bit uncouth. I do not think though that it should be taken as a general rule. Like most things, there are many exceptions, and I believe that couple really pulled it off