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I forgot how many members are in Exo ahahahaha so many!!! and let me guarantee for all of you that they are all good looking!! Additional.. They are all really tall hahahah I didn't think they were this tall!!~ and you can tell they are trying to keep the professional pose but if you look carefully they are fooling around with each other haahha and all the fans behind me were going crazy!!! The screaming was intense T^T; I think I am having difficulties with my ears now thanks to Exo fans.. @cheerfulcallie thought you might appreciate some cute Exo photos :) @saharhyunjoong i added one more photo :]
@ameliasantos10 which one would u pick?! hahaha
@lili that's a hard decision!! hahahah I can't decide T_T they were al soo cute I couldn't even choose who I wanted to zoom into haahahah