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The absolute isolation of China has fostered their special self-awareness. China's elite are familiar with the notion that China is unique - not just a "great civilization" among other civilizations, but that it was itself a civilization. . An English translator wrote in 1850: A smart European is accustomed to reflect on the situation in which a number of countries enjoy so many different advantages, and each country suffers from particular disadvantages, by a very direct question and from a data base.
. Very little, can form a fairly accurate concept of the situation of the people who are still alien to him. But it would be a big mistake to think that this case is true for Chinese people. By depriving all of the opportunity to make comparisons, xenophobia and confining themselves within their own country limits their ideas; thus they were completely incapable of freeing themselves from the federation, they judged everything according to the normal rules of China.
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