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OK so here is our FIRST taste of what ‘Can’t Stop’, CNBLUE‘s new title track for their 5th Mini album by the same name, being released sometime later this month! FNC Entertainment is keeping the release date for the album hush for now, leaving fans hungry to know just when they can expect to hear the new tunes. The SBS teaser is the first glimpse of the 70 minute special being aired by SBS on March 2nd 2014 at 12:15 AM KST. The special show is said to include footage of the American leg of CNBLUE‘s ‘BLUE MOON’ World tour and will feature the band performing songs from the new album and older tracks. ‘Can’t Stop’ will once again feature songs written and composed by CNBLUE members Jung Yonghwa and Lee Jonghyun with producer credits going to Yonghwa for the first time ever which makes this album very special. I don’t even know anything anymore since FNC is really being difficult to get ANY information out of about this particular comeback! So now that we have some of the details out of the way…. OMG DO YOU SEE HOW AWESOME THEY LOOK IN THAT FIRST GROUP SHOT??? It seems like it maybe heavily edited with the added background of the famous Times Square in New York City but perhaps they did actually take pictures in the big city since the band was recently on location for the NYC ‘BLUE MOON’ concert on January 21st. Later today, we should be getting a teaser from FNC at midnight KST but I’m not sure if it will be another video or just another image teaser! We’ll soon find out! I’m so freakin excited for this comeback since its’ been over a year already.. not to mention all the TV variety show appearances and music show performances and also, NEW MUSIC!!!!! WAAAAH CNBLUE ARE BACK!!! Transcript: Because of having the pride of an artist who creates music, I would want to become an artist who can produce good music. CNBLUE Comeback Show on March 2. COMING SOON! via color me cnblue
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This is probably one of the most painful thing waiting for a comeback!!! @divalycious do you think FNC will really post a teaser tonight?? sometimes after following Kpop I think I am developing trust issues ahhaha