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...a love with another? some people think that there is a possible comparison between Secret Garden and A Gentleman's Dignity, because of screenwriters, because of dramas that lead actors were acted before, but, in my opinion, there is nothing to compare. In every man's life love is unique, because of the people involved, because of the time, because of circumstances.... Let's remember Secret Garden just like it is, a beautiful moment in our lives...
a real couple..they were so great and lovely
secret garden was a very unique love story I ever watched... combination with magic... how to fight for the love you feel unconditionally. super agree!!!
I like this show a lot more than I have ever like any drama in my life.... but, when AGD came.. I would say that, AGD is more reality and more interesting... now I'm dying to see next episode ..... ANYWAY I LOVE BOTH OF THEM.
i agree. yes secret garden is a wonderful story...
so well put!!! such eloquent words...
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