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American Chinese Food in China??
Imagine living in China and missing Chinese food. It happens. American expatriates who grew up with popular takeout dishes like General Tso's chicken can't find it in China because it essentially doesn't exist here. Much of the Chinese food we grew up with isn't really Chinese. It's an American version of Chinese food. Chinese immigrants created it over time, adapting recipes with U.S. ingredients to appeal to American palates. Now, Americans living in Shanghai can get a fix of their beloved Chinatown cuisine at a new restaurant called Fortune Cookie. Anyone been? Let me know
hahaha I don't know why this seems so ironic to me but its really no different than taco bell in mexico?
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That is a truly perfect analogy @joebiden
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this seems so wrong and yet, so right. As someone who loves (real) Chinese food, I don't think I could ever compare the two but I guess if you're not comparing them and you just enjoy them for what they are then there's nothing wrong with that...
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