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Obamacare Allows Workers to Confront Bosses, Conservatives Angry
It’s just a straight-up lie to claim that reducing one’s ability cut back or even quit a crap job reduces economic mobility. As noted above, being able to cut back at work is exactly what a lot of people need in order to get more job training or even, you know, go to college. This will also help people with creative or entrepeneurial ambitions that don’t have wealthy parents to cover bills like health insurance while they get their careers or businesses off the ground. Opposition to this has nothing to do with wanting people to better themselves. On the contrary, it’s about keeping it so that people are stuck in their crappy jobs with no leverage to make positive changes.
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I can't believe people fail to grasph the concept of economic welfare which is not equal to just working a ton!
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Honestly I don't know much about economics but a lot of this is basic logic
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