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Lee Min Ho event has ended!

Hello all, I am terribly sorry for being a bit late with this, but there were soooooo many entries that it took a while to get the winners sorted out. But finally we have what you all have been waiting for! The names of the winners are...wait The winners were elected based on their number of LIKES, comments, views, Facebook/Twitter shares, and clips Grand Prize: dianitaenciso3 Consolation Prizes: English: NoryJean BelleSelena JollyGal IamHanSungYoung Chinese: caltorl1 yingyingchen Indonesian: michantlhoo GeumCan Vietnamese: khamHuongpasit Tagalog: lacreg22 Spanish: Klau32 anitaaaa solitajade eipril 4share KtyGxD evaelerock vcornejo2 rubichapatte Congratulations to the winners! Please send me your information, including address, cell phone, ID, and name to before the 6th of July. If you have any questions, feel free to message me here at Vingle :) P.S. When you get your gifts please be sure to take pics with your gifts and upload them to Vingle :)
understand ! who is yingyingchen ? i am yuyunchen !
me gusta tu sonrisa...
nice smile ! nice pic !
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Well this list broke my heart
so if ypu weren't sad enough about losing TOP to the military this year wait till you see the rest of the list seriously shed a tear and many loud screams in pain after watching it @AimeeH @creetheotaku @amortiz0101 @thepinkprincess @justinamclean @veronicaartino @luna1171 @punkpandabear @thearmycreater @kaijae @elizabethT @jiyongixoxo @aracelijimenez @josecullen  @pinkpears405 @kpopfangirl15 @electica @nikkitty @saeda320 @oliviajoseph @nysa @kaylastokes @btsarmygirl @falselove @bekahvires @blancadanica98 @jasminewilliams @shequillearmsby @mahrielle @beniecesuit @crystalblunt @rainac3 @kpopforever @kpopgaby @destiny1419 @anarose @moonchild03 @emelia @kmeier230 @mkbmccann @terratoyasi @staceyholley  @lizzeh @jiyongixoxo @carolinacastrane @dianacastaneda @nenegrint14 @stefanitre @kellyoconnor @ercument @glo86 @amandamuska @saravandorn @kpopandkdrama @xtinahsing @jkookie97 @dominiquewhitak @bizzycx @almarangel @kwonofakind @szewwy @kaikaipop @kuri10 @jupiterchen @taehyungkey @yessicacardenas @kookie49044 @cassidyrush @elenap16 @daljiyong @innocentiakishi @thatoneoutcast @elinwyatt @briannaeugene @destiny1419 @staceyholley @ligaya @taehyungkey @luna1171 @maddie27 @ninjamidori @creetheotaku @emilypeacock @kellyoconnor @aimeeh @veronicaartino @queenlee @jiyongixoxo @armystarlight @thepinkprincess @unniecakesali @khouyoung @alexisrivers @amandamuska @tashiannabostic @jazgaara33 @nikkitty @externallyeli @innocenttiakishi @xxxtina @crystalguerra @sarsoosoo99 Let me know if you would like to be added or removed from future cards