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At first I couldn't see who she was and then I realized she's Oh Se Ryeong from I need Romance 3 !!! She was really pretty and definitely have the same style as her character in the drama~ Tall and slim and as she enters with her black dress She definitely looked really elegance.. @divalycious I thought of you when I saw her and our conversation about I need Romance 3 hahhaha
i still go back and watch the MV of the song~ all the time actually hahaha @divalycious
@ameliasantos10 ... yeah ... :D
I have heard it but now that I am watching the MV omg I want to scream hahahaha so cute!! and their voices > _ <; wow just wow and my other favourite song has got to be the OST he sang with EunJi!!! they were so cute! you have probably seen it right?
it's a drama ... :D ... hmmmm broad shoulders ... have you heard the song "All I Want Is You" with him n Verbal Jint my "other" fav crush ...
@divalycious really??? I am looking forward to that then hahaha Seo In Guk was also really good looking ahahha he's really manly like he's not too skinny and he has a really broad shoulder hahaha Is Another Parting a drama? or a movie?
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