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There were so many people there and I didn't realize it, after the Red Carpet ended at around 6pm people started to line up to enter the stadium and I was starving and tired so I went to grab something to eat and came back at 7pm.. there were still people lining up to get in! = =; the line was so long like it almost went half way around the outside of the stadium!!!! After the long wait I finally get to go inside and all the fan girls and fan boys were filling up the stadium~ The live broadcast started and everybody were going out of their minds!! and guess who were most popular among the fans? EXO!! every time one of them is caught on screen everybody screamed haha including me ofcourse!!
I think so too and I think that might be why I like them? because they look similar~ hahahha and I agree before you know Exo for some reason people just know Kris first ~ @saharhyunjoong
and 4 some reason i think baekhyun and channyeolll look similar lol they got the same face features or is it just me :-D anyways love them all :) <3
Kris ;) he is sexyy <3 i just knew abt him even bfr knowing bat EXO lol i guess everyone like him lol :-D
I think Chanyeol is really cute~ hahahaha for me the first person I saw from Exo was Baekhyun!~ hahaha and Kris!~
D.O i d k y but i like him at first i like him bcd of his big eyes but then i just like him lol i like them all but he was the first one i notice so he is my fav urs unnie :)
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