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Features of food containers

Plastic is a durable, lightweight and inexpensive material. Products from it are quite compact. Several polypropylene containers can be compactly folded into each other. They can be used to store flour, pasta, cereals, meat, fish and other products in them. Trays are ideal for school breakfasts and workplace meals. It is undesirable to store products containing vinegar in polypropylene containers. It has a devastating effect on the material of the tray.

Polypropylene is marked with two letters - PP. Of all types of plastic, it has the most optimal characteristics. Polypropylene is good in that you can create a tray of almost any shape from it. The material tolerates a wide range of temperatures. Polypropylene food containers can be cooled to -40 ° C, and heated to + 130 ° C. These trays are great for use in microwave ovens.

Polypropylene food containers are absolutely safe for human health. They do not emit any toxic substances when heated. Therefore, we recommend that you buy disposable polypropylene containers . They are the best option. The main advantages of the trays are the following properties:

· water tightness;
· tightness;
· heat resistance;
· wear resistance.

Polypropylene trays for sealing are used very widely. They are used by small and large manufacturers of various food products. They can be perfectly used for storing milk, vegetables and fruits, a variety of semi-finished meat products, and confectionery.
The volume of polypropylene containers is different. You can pick up a tray from 0.3 liters. But there are trays and much more volume. It all depends on the purpose for which you are going to buy polypropylene containers. It is important that the tray is ideally sized. Otherwise, its use will be inconvenient.

How is evacuation of the tray packaging?

To ensure the longest possible storage of products, it is necessary to resort to the evacuation process. It consists in pumping air out of the container and tightly closing the container as here This ensures the destruction of a large number of harmful microorganisms. Thus, the shelf life of products in the refrigerator is increased by three or more times.

Vacuum polypropylene containers with a lid are ideal for fresh and raw vegetables, fruits, as well as meat, poultry and fish. On sale you can find several varieties of such trays. Among them are containers:

-With a mechanical pump attached to the hole in the cover. In this case, the air is pumped out manually.

-With a mechanical pump attached to the hole in the cover. In this case, the air is pumped out manually.

-With integrated electric pump. In this case, to pump out the air, just press the button.

-Without a pump. In such containers, the lid is fixed by means of clamps. To pump out air, press the center of the lid.

The last tray packaging option is the most popular. It is the most inexpensive. Using it is very profitable and convenient. Such containers will be useful to any housewife.

What can food containers be equipped with?

Trays can have various complete sets and equipment. Some additional elements can be quite useful. As equipment in containers polypropylene can have:

· transparent cover;
· calendar scale;
· dispenser;
· antibacterial coating.

The transparent cover of the polypropylene container allows you to see the contents of the tray, and monitor the status of the products stored in it. This makes the use of the container very convenient. However, do not forget that the transparent covers do not protect the contents of the tray from exposure to sunlight. Therefore, the container must be stored in a dark place.

The calendar scale is used to record the date of packaging of products in the tray. With its help, it is convenient to track the expiration date. This item is optional. There are other ways to fix the packing date. But the calendar scale allows you to do this quickly, conveniently and beautifully.

A dispenser is required for storing bulk products inside a polypropylene container. With its help it is very convenient to pour cereals or sugar. The dispenser has a fairly simple design. But it can greatly facilitate the operation of the tray.

An antibacterial coating is necessary to prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms on the surface of the container. Thanks to him, the shelf life of various products can be increased several times.

Useful tips for using the packaging of polypropylene trays

Proper operation of containers will maximize their service life and the safety of products stored in them. First of all, let's focus on how to properly wash the trays. This should only be done with a soft cloth or sponge so as not to damage the surface of the container. Otherwise, the antibacterial layer may be broken, and the tray itself may begin to release substances toxic to human health. In addition, the container must not be washed with aggressive detergents.

Polypropylene containers must be stored dry. Otherwise, an unpleasant odor may appear in them. Before using the tray, it is advisable to wash it with water with soda or citric acid. Then thoroughly wipe them dry. This will prevent the reproduction of bacteria and microbes that are harmful to the human body. Remember that a humid environment is ideal for breeding dangerous microorganisms.