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CHINGUS I WANNA SHARE W YOU ALL MY FIST KPOP MV AND SONGS THAT STARTED IT ALL FOR ME MY KPOP CRAZE AND GOT ME HOOKED 2 KPOP MUSIC U ALL MUST C IT :) <3 HOPE U ALL LIKE IT 1)Yoseob & Eunji - Love Day MV [English subs 2)Yoseob & Gayoon - If I Have A Lover [Engsub 3)IU | Seulong (2AM) - Nagging [Eng Sub 4)Song Ji Eun - It's Cold (추워요) MV [English subs 5)Hyorin - I choose to love you MV [English subs 6)T-Ara with Davichi - We were in love [english subs 7)Davichi - Don't Say Goodbye MV [english subs
i love it <3
@ameliasantos noo unnie i actually don't but at that moment it was good enough 2 cheer me up and get me in it lol u know what i mean they r all just solo cutttee i always go back 2 them bcd it was my first kpop songs :) thanks 4 checking it out love yaaa muahhs <3 <3 :-*
it seems you really like love song?? hahahaha I love all these songs too especially Nagging and If I have a lover!~