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Check out a thorough breakdown, analysis, and guide to the _ carbines in Battlefield 4. This is a really useful guide, I recommend watching it for a leg up in the battlefield! TABLE OF CONTENTS: 00:00 Intro 00:48 Background 02:40 MTAR-21 04:40 ACW-R 06:31 SG553 08:30 A-91 10:10 M4 12:04 ACE-21 CQB 13:43 AK 5C 15:14 AKU-12 16:51 ACE 52 CQB 18:28 TYPE 95B-1 20:04 G36C
what makes a gun a carbine
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I think its something to do with whether its automatic or not @curtis
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@curtis @joebiden Carbine's are typically more compact versions of assault rifles. They are easier to move in close combat and may have a bit more stability while firing, but you'll lose the range of the assault rifle
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