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Production of You Who Came From The Stars has released stills of Suzy‘s cameo on the show’s upcoming episode (likely on the February 13th broadcast). Her appearance is an anticipated one since her pairing with Kim Soo Hyun continues to be beloved and popular since their Dream High days. Her scene with Jeon Ji Hyun‘s Song Yi and Kim Soo Hyun’s Do Min Joon takes place at Ilsan Lake Park. In the scene, the lovers bicker possibly following Suzy’s appearance … this Newsen article mentions something about phone numbers exchanging between Suzy and Min Joon. Suzy is a non-issue though compared to the actual problem facing Song Yi and Min Joon: his impending departure … Episode 17 Written Preview (Rough translation by bunni3fly from Soompi) Hwee Kyung is surprised to find out what really happened to his dead oldest brother’s accident. Song Yi cannot accept that Min Joon is leaving in one month, so, she tries to push him away. Upset Min Joon drinks too much until he loses his mind (maybe it means he becomes too drunk). Heh, when Min Joon becomes plastered, will he ride off into the sky again? ;)